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Default Avalon's coming Library

I just wanted to bring you up to date on where things are at with the Avalon Library.

We have gathered a huge amount of material for the library, and will start to stock the library shelves shortly.

We're currently climbing the learning curve on the Joomla! software we are using as content manager for the library.

We expect there to be something there to access early in the New Year, but we'll see how sorting the software comes along by then.

Let me start by posting the (work in progress) purpose for the Avalon Library. We're still working on it, but we've gotten it down to this so far.


"The purpose of the Avalon library is to establish and provide an ark of knowledge for the ground crew to prevent the loss of knowledge in the event of a major cataclysm. It is designed to be a stand alone work of independant reference. It is a compliation of concrete ideas and a handbook of reference for the average person to enable them to be self sufficient."


All subscribed members will have access to the library, and have the option of downloading the information for their own safekeeping. They will also have the option, once the library is substantially complete, of ordering a "copy" of the library on some sort of portable Drive, like a USB drive or such.

Much of what is headed for the library has been "mined" from the Avalon forum itself, and as such, will still be there for anyone to read and copy. If we copy articles from the forum members to the library, it will still be there in the forum threads for anyone who is interested in the information, but who has not subscribed, or been able to subscribe.

There will be content in the library which does not appear on the forum, as the research team does not restrict it's research to the Avalon forums. we look everywhere. In every nook and cranny, under every rock.

Some researchers might, at their own discretion, also post such externally collected information on the forum, but the primary focus for the researchers efforts are to gather, collate, sift, distill, and compile the collected information into a coherent library, which has everything indexed, and tagged for easy study.

Our team is small, and the project is huge, so we'll need your patience until we can get the software configured to fit our needs.

What we mean to do, is place everything we could lose, should the current game on earth go sour, both through natural and / or man made means, into as many separate pairs of hands as possible in advance. Where knowledge, technology, culture, arts, survival basics, health, community etc, is concerned.

It's generally (not universally, I know) accepted that earlier earth civilizations have vanished with little more than stone carvings remaining for future generations to use to try to piece together what happened, and why.

Of course our continuity of spiritual/(or possibly genetic) memory remains, and we can piece together parts of the puzzle from that as well.

But little by way of physical repositories of ancient knowledge and wisdom remains for us in the now.

This we hope to prevent this time around, should the need arise.

Should the need not arise, we will at the very least have enabled ourselves to become more self sufficient, and less dependent on the good will (isn't much) and good graces (is even less of) the "Powers who've elected themselves to Be".

We will have aided in the development and construction of radiant communities, with their own means to survive, and exchange with other communities. With alternative energy generation technologies. With alternative building and construction methods and materials. With sustainable methods of ensuring our interactions with earth do not leave either of us wanting. Protection of our food/water supplies.

We will have transformed earth into what it really should be, rather than just continue to suffer what it has become.

I hope you are all as excited about this project as the research and other Avalon staff team are.

This could very well be one of the most important and vital projects undertaken on the planet at this time.

The Spiritual reawakening notwithstanding, of course.

Your participation is VERY welcome. Volunteer today.

To our mutual future.

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Default Re: Avalon's coming Library

Sounds excellent, appreciate the download option .
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Default Re: Avalon's coming Library

This is excellent, and I'm really excited...

If you need another online mirror PM me!
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Default Re: Avalon's coming Library

I was wondering when this would happen-there's alot of info. on here and oads out there to be mined-thanks for posting and informing us.
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Default Re: Avalon's coming Library

sounds really good.
suggestion - add as much as possible without copyright infringement of Starhawk's work on regeneration in New Orleans, bioremediation etc
love to all
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