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Default Looking for a community

Hi all I'm a 50 year old woman living in oregon. I am a life long trades person and a master plumber. I was an electrician before and have many skills, I am a proficient in computers(worked part time as a tech) I am highly intelligent and hard working celibate Christian. I can out work most men my size. I am looking for folks with land in western montana or eastern Idaho that would like to start a community of Christians. I know this is a limiting factor but I don't want to get invloved with people that worship the creation. I dont have wealth per say but can sustain myself and have a lot of tools and can build a home from the bottom up so I am more than capable of pulling more than my own in a community. I have lots of food and other supplies and a huge van(ups type) I am able to live off grid and be happy and can do and fix anything from electrical items to solar systems to pump systems for water. If it's mechanical I can fix it , fabricate it, whatever. I have no religion, but am highly spiritual. I havent seen a thread for this so I am just posting here. If you have land and have been thinking maybe getting some trustworthy like minded folk to help with forming an off grid community I would love in. Time is running out I'm afraid for the US and hope some folks are out there that are ready to make the leap and quit dragging thier feet. please PM me if this sounds good. I have been looking at land for sale in montana and wish I had the money. I have seen beautiful videos of acreage for as low as 600 per acre in 160 acre lots with water and trees and deer,elk, etcetera but I have no funds. I mean my goodness 235,000 bucks for 160 acres of nice land with running water. how I wish. I would start one myself if I could. anyway I'm rambling now.
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Default Re: Looking for a community

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Default Re: Looking for a community

Originally Posted by kungfugrip View Post
Thank you but no thanks. I would be interested in getting involved with brothers and sisters without a religion behind us. No man is worthy of being called father and no woman is worthy of being called Mother as far as I am concerned. We are all Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua and to give homage to Mary is the same as female Deity worship and placed in the Catholic religion as a replacement for the true center of their worship which is all the female deities of occultic mystery schools which at base is Lucifer. Most all religions are usurpation of truth to make mankind lukewarm. I believe God will lead in these times, true purist believers to gather in communities so as to withstand till the return of our Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus. Please to anyone here I mean no disrespect to you and your religion but I have studied as many religions and mystic schools possible for one limited being and believe most are the culmination and began by secret societies and ancient religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism which are the result of the fallen Sons of God that set themselves and their children the Nephilim as deities in place of the Most High. I test all messages given me thru prayer and believe nothing unless God give at least three witness's to confirm. In these the last years of the World under the Dark Master, One must guard carefully oneself and not be taken in by mystical groups that even refer to ancient Mystic religions in their, ABOUT US SECTION as some sort of reference, Especially Catholicism. Again no disrespect or offense meant but most if not all Religions are full of honest God loving People but they are being misled by luciferian leaders. please don't respond in offense and try to debate me as I don't feel theres time to try to convince others nor do I have the energy too get in debate with you. Gods Richest Blessings~
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