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Wandering Daoist
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Default Forming Communities

Many people (lots) do not have the money resources, land, etc.
There should be a way to organize people, perhaps into a community
where not everyone "lives" together, but arranges themselves into
some form of community friendship to share resources.

For example, lets say things aren't THAT bad, that america limps
along with a horrible economy for the next decade. Everyone can't
move to a farm, etc. but maybe there can be something like a
community that meets and arranges itself around two principles.

[1] Food
Container gardens, victory gardens, home gardens, and then
each "community" could have a bigger plot somewhere (pooling
resources) to enhance the "home" garden (which could be small
or large). So a smaller home garden, with a larger communal garden
on a larger piece of land somewhere else.

[2] Energy
recruit geeks, engineers, smart people, math majors, etc
figure out how to make parabolas, start looking at harnessing
the sun, fresnel lenses, parabolic reflectors made from ordinary

Solar seems the fastest.... so solar cooking, solar steam generation,
running a generator? etc etc. things people could afford or build.

If you can stay where you are (maybe some people could share
houses, etc or places), and grow food and do some energy harvesting
it could create a wave that could spread.

Communities could form guilds [1] The Tech guild for experimenting
with harvesting solar energy, etc [2] The Agriculture guild for growing

Research can go on in each "community" and report the results, and
then knowlege can be passed on.

I could see community being broader, not being a plot of land someone
buys (what if u cant afford it). weekly meetings to figure out how
to generate Food and Energy.

There could be a medicine guild, many other guilds. Each guild could
share with other guilds in other communities and loosely communicate.

Meetings could be announced on meetup.com and people could organize
into "communities" and "guilds" .. the guilds are focus groups for people
with specialized tasks and knowlege. Main thing once again is food
production and energy production.

"Communities" would have to adapt to everyone living in different
areas but maybe come together for harvesting and other common
tasks. I'm just throwing this out for ideas.
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Default Re: Forming Communities

Examples of small, self sustaining communities?
Does any one know any models of incredible small communities or utopias?

For example; Findhorn, arco santi, or??

Lets gather resources of all the things that would be hypothetically required to create a closed loop, fully self sutstaining community. What would you need to have stockpiled to create all that you would need for the future of 10-50+ people with out any outside influence.

For example;
Shelter- concrete domes or underground dwellings are most impervious
Food- dry goods, greenhouses, seeds, aquaponics (fish farming) http://rps.uvi.edu/AES/Aquaculture/UVIShortCourse.html, hunting supplies, orchards etc
Water-steady 'clean' source, with filtration, charcoal filtered storage cistern, BERKEY (or similar) water purifier, hand crank UV purifier
Energy- deep cycle marine batteries, solar oven, off the grid technology, solar, wind, biomass, biofuel,
Transportation- sailboat,
Medicine-large first aid kits, herbs, rife machine, colloidal silver
Supplies-tools, sewing machine, diesel generator,

lets keep adding, building and modifying this post to create a real plan or working template for forming a community

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Default Re: Forming Communities

Hi Wandering Daoist,

Interesting idea about the time sharing the gardening. It would add some flexibility to go off somewhere and disconnect from the status quo. Not everyone can do that. I'm trying to come up with a proposal as I do have some land to create a community.

If the outlook was just the economy going back, I think there has been past experiences to help deal with that. I think you have to at least expect geophysical changes also. I believe that this has to impact the availabilty of sunlike, so I personally do not count the sun energy as reliable in the future. The energy issue is a real problem to food production without sunlight.

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