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Default Wind turbine for home

Hi people,

I thought this is the appropriate place for this.

I am planning to make a wind energy turbine at home. I have a house that is four storeys and the top is unobstructed and hence I thought I could actually use and make a wind turbine to generate electricity. We have major electricity problems here in Nepal and everyday there is atleast 5-6 hours of no electricity. I thought it would be a good idea to generate my own electricity especially considering that the other resources here are cheaper than USA or Europe so that would make my initial investment cheaper.

Please share ideas and if possible give me links and information for going ahead with my idea. By doing so I think it will help me and others who read and post on this forum as well. A collection of ideas is never bad.

Thank you.
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Default Re: Wind turbine for home

Hope some of these links are of use

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Default Re: Wind turbine for home

For urban use, my personal belief is that a vertical axis
turbine is the way to go.

If you are building your own, the savonius rotor is the simplest mechanically to build.


A young Brit won a prize for his vertical axis design which was
portable, light weight, and intended for the urban environment.

It actually attracted industry attention when his design won.
This was several years ago (2005?) and there has been nothing since those initial articles. I'm still waiting...

We have hurricanes here in the Pacific Northwest in the winter time with almost routine power outages where I live.
Last winter it was every two weeks. The precise time the power goes out is exactly when a wind turbine would hold it's
own; at night when the wind is a blowin, the trees are falling,
and the power lines are being knocked down. Solar panels don't work so good under those conditions.
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