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Default Best Examples of small, self sustaining communities?

Examples of small, self sustaining communities?
Does any one know any models of incredible small communities or utopias?

For example; Findhorn, arco santi, or??

Lets gather resources of all the things that would be hypothetically required to create a closed loop, fully self sutstaining community. What would you need to have stockpiled to create all that you would need for the future of 10-50+ people with out any outside influence.

For example;
Shelter- concrete domes or underground dwellings are most impervious
Food- dry goods, greenhouses, seeds, aquaponics (fish farming) http://rps.uvi.edu/AES/Aquaculture/UVIShortCourse.html, hunting supplies, orchards, canning, dehydration etc
Water-steady 'clean' source, with filtration, charcoal filtered storage cistern, BERKEY (or similar) water purifier, hand crank UV purifier
Energy- deep cycle marine batteries, solar oven, off the grid technology, solar, wind, biomass, biofuel,
Transportation- sailboat,
Medicine-large first aid kits, herbs, rife machine, colloidal silver
Supplies-tools, sewing machine, diesel generator,
Entertainment- musical instruments, fun-hardworking people

lets keep adding, building and modifying this post to create a real plan or working template for forming a community.


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