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Siegfried Bok
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Default The pregnancy cycle of Mother Earth

The Genesis

May I ask you?
What is genesis even more than a process of nascent or "in the making"?
This is really the story about pregnancy.
This should imply that our whole evolutionary process - resulting in 1001 different specimen or different specialized organism - is a true copy of our body with all different cells!
In this huge pregnancy mankind is the crown as being the latest species with the most specialized and/or sophisticated brain-function.
Mankind is the brain of evolution.

He is the crown of this evolutionary process and like in pregnancy he is the only one that became able to create his own metabolism by controlling "Luz" an "Fire" as being artificial heat to keep Us warm.

He is the Lucifer" of evolution.

Without going in detail here about the ice-periods between these 6 huge "Genesis"-days, I can tell you that these periods of extreme shortage of energy were - as in pregnancy - the trigger for further specialization.
Without going in detail here about the cosmic reason of this temporary pregnancy of Mother Earth or why we suffer cancer at the end of our days, I can say that it is the beginning and the end of every cycle in the Universe.
We now stay in the middle of the labor pains of Mother Earth.
It is not only that we grew out to a human plague, which induced this process as being part of this ancient oriental vision.
Owing to our tremendous artificial heat production [our fight for survival] we polluted not only the "atmosphere between Mother and unborn child", but even Her temperature is rising now.
Owing to "Her restlessness" earthquakes increase in quality and quantity as well.

Finally the predicted "seeing blindness and hearing deafness" -as being typical also for the child in agony - that we really don't realize what we are doing.
Sooner or later "the amniotic fluid" will destroy even more that the tsunami of last year and finally we will see the light of "Uranus".
It is what it is.
May I stop here by saying: "All life cycles in the universe are equal ones and by knowing one cycle in its perfection one can see them all!"
Recently a video-interview was made in which I go more in detail about the cosmic reason of evolution [ see: [URL="http://2012.jazeg.nl"/URL]
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Default Re: The pregnancy cycle of Mother Earth

Thanks for sharing your re-search Siegfried, too bad nobody wants to see or hear the cold hard truth ( like the Bible predicted) and even science seems only be interested in money and spreading lies so people won't panic...like religions did for centuries...

Even now that everything is going to get worse and worse, the enviroment, diseases, ongoing wars that are going to climax, people getting more frightened and close themselves more up or try to hide themselves from reality into aliens that will safe us, or Nasa who will bring us to new Earths..or "make yourself healthy with only 1 pill", or just think positive and the Universe will open itself to you....embrace the light.....oh yes, we will embrace it, but not in the way we THOUGHT we would....

I can only say: kill your EGO and try to under-stand the real reason why we THINK we are so great and can change things for the better...

Humble greetings


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Old 10-01-2008, 07:58 AM   #3
Siegfried Bok
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Default Re: The pregnancy cycle of Mother Earth

Hello Armandus,
It's clear that we are here in middle of Lucifeian society, which pray themselves to heavon and kill the rest of the world. In other world we are in the land of the Devil, who is wearing God's clothes.
I really thought that there were living more intelligent people in the US.
However we have to suffer now for the American crisis as well, I only can hope that they soon loose there hegemony in the world without making a real third World War.
Unfortunately I know that this hope is a pure illusion, because history was written longtime before and has to be fullfilled for cosmic benifits.
Let's go away here, before they mark us as detructive aliens.
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