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Default US Beefing up Missile Defense in Persian

..And the saga continues..

The Huffington Post
Robert Burns 1/30/10

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Default Re: US Beefing up Missile Defense in Persian

Guess I missed this one. Got an error message at the site
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Default Re: US Beefing up Missile Defense in Persian

Works fine for me...

U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses In Persian Gulf

ROBERT BURNS | 01/30/10 11:04 PM

WASHINGTON — As the Obama administration edges toward imposing tougher sanctions on Iran, it has begun upgrading its approach to defending its Persian Gulf allies against potential Iranian missile strikes, officials said Saturday.

The United States has quietly increased the capability of land-based Patriot defensive missiles in several Gulf Arab nations, and one military official said the Navy is beefing up the presence of ships capable of knocking down hostile missiles in flight.

The officials discussed aspects of the defensive strategy on condition of anonymity because some elements are classified.

The moves have been in the works for months and are part of a broader adjustment in the U.S. approach to missile defense, including in Europe and Asia. Details have not been publicly announced, in part because of diplomatic sensitivities in Gulf countries which worry about Iranian military capabilities but are cautious about acknowledging U.S. protection.

The administration will send a review of ballistic missile strategy to Congress on Monday that frames the larger shifts. Attention to defense of the Persian Gulf region, a focus on diffuse networks of sensors and weapons and cooperation with Russia are major elements of the study, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Russia opposed Bush administration plans for a land-based missile defense site in Eastern Europe, and President Barack Obama's decision to walk away from that plan last year was partly in pursuit of new capabilities that might hold greater promise and partly in deference to Russia.

One military official said the adjustments in the Gulf should be seen as prudent defensive measures designed to deter Iran from taking aggressive action in the region, more than as a signal that Washington expects Iran to retaliate for any additional sanctions.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton consulted with numerous allies during a visit to London this week. She told reporters that the evident failure of U.S. offers to engage Iran in negotiations over its nuclear program means the U.S. will now press for additional sanctions against the Iranian government.

Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. Central Command chief who is responsible for U.S. military operations across the Middle East, mentioned in several recent public speeches one element of the defensive strategy in the Gulf: upgrading Patriot missile systems, which originally were deployed in the region to shoot down aircraft but now can hit missiles in flight.

In remarks at Georgetown Law School on Jan. 21, Petraeus said the U.S. now has eight Patriot missile batteries stationed in the Gulf region – two each in four countries. He did not name the countries, but Kuwait has long been known to have Patriots on its territory.

A military official said Saturday that the three other countries are the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain – which also hosts the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet headquarters – and Qatar, home to a modernized U.S. air operations center that has played a key role in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

In a presentation Jan. 22 at the Institute for the Study of War, Petraeus explicitly linked the actions to concerns about Iran.

"Iran is clearly seen as a very serious threat by those on the other side of the Gulf front, and, indeed, it has been a catalyst for the implementation of the architecture that we envision and have now been trying to implement," he said.

He said that "architecture" includes the extra Patriot batteries "that weren't there, say, two years ago."

"Other countries have certainly increased their Patriots, a whole host of different systems; Aegis ballistic missile cruisers are in the Gulf at all times now," Petraeus added.

The Aegis ships are equipped with a missile known as the SM-3, which gained international acclaim in February 2008 when a souped-up version was launched from a Navy cruiser in the Pacific and shot down a failing U.S. satellite in space.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has spoken publicly about a new approach to missile defenses, both in Europe and the Gulf.

"I don't want to get into it in too much detail," Gates said in September, "but the reality is we are working both on a bilateral and a multilateral basis in the Gulf to establish the same kind of regional missile defense that would protect our facilities out there as well as our friends and allies."

Gates said the adjusted approach is based in part on a belief by U.S. intelligence that Iran has not been progressing as fast as previously believed on development of a long-range ballistic missile, but is concentrating more heavily on short- and medium-range missiles of the sort that the Patriot and the Aegis systems are designed to defend against.
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Default Re: US Beefing up Missile Defense in Persian

A similar post/story went up on a diff forum (and completely diff universe) I haunt.

Maybe I am cursed with an "abuse me" gene. Although it is an excellent source for news, roughly 80% of the people there are all in favor of nuking the entire mid-east, EXCEPT Israel which can do no wrong, every time Ahmadinejad burps, farts, speaks, or wears the wrong color tie.

Personally I find no "heroes" in the mid-east at all. But I post there on the subject just to keep pointing out that there are alternatives for subjects which are none of our business, besides nuclear warfare.

The story:
U.S. beefs up defenses near Iran

Reporting from Washington - The Obama administration has increased the U.S. military presence near Iran and is accelerating installation of antimissile systems in nearby countries, officials said Saturday, as the White House builds pressure for stern new sanctions against Tehran.

New air defense systems are being delivered to Persian Gulf countries, and specially-equipped cruisers -- a linchpin of the U.S. missile defense system -- are being deployed in the waters of the Persian Gulf, the officials said.

The moves are intended to reassure Gulf countries that they would be protected against possible offensive action from Tehran, which is under intensified international pressure to refrain from developing nuclear weapons.

U.S. officials stressed the defensive nature of the actions being taken throughout the region.

The partnership between the U.S. and Gulf countries, described by a senior U.S. official on Saturday, is likely to include early-warning radar systems and missile defenses that will be integrated with U.S. systems, including those on the cruisers and elsewhere.

The initiative involves the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, four countries with close military ties to the U.S.

"Iran and President [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad have scared those on the west side of the Gulf right into our arms," said the senior official.

U.S. officials also hope the moves will alleviate concerns about Iran within Israel, which has said it has the right to launch military strikes to prevent Iranian progress toward development of weapons.

The Obama administration has stepped up pressure on Iran to take part in talks aimed at reconciling its civilian nuclear efforts with international concerns that Tehran's true goal is developing nuclear weapons.

Rest at: http://www.latimes.com/news/nation-a...,4832460.story
So being a quart low on abuse today, I attempted to try and get people to see what a silly exercise this is, and posted:

To the notion that "U.S. beefs up defenses near Iran"

Three questions:

1. Will this help stop Iran from pulling into Pittsburgh with 100 tanks, and occupying city hall?

2. If you ran Iran, in response would you:
  1. Stop building or deploying any kind of weapon, conventional or nuke?
  2. Get busier'n a SOB and build something, anything that would possibly deter this? Say... a battlefield nuke?

3. Since this can not possibly make the US any safer... who are we billing for this?

Very truly yours, I remain,
that "Jihad-loving, Islamic kiss-butt, traitor"...

"Life IS mystical! It's just that we're used to it"

Evil cannot be killed. Only redeemed.

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Default Re: US Beefing up Missile Defense in Persian

IRAN: US Defensive Missiles in Gulf a political ploy
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