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Default Time Travel, Montauk, Timewaves: Are they being used?

So many of us are aware of some of the ideas that have been bandied about our community for quite a while now--and I thought perhaps we should revisit some of this information the way we might discuss it around a table with a cup of coffee. Our own "Future Talk" if you will.

In order to throw some ideas out there, I'll start. I don't necessarily ascribe to any of it...just would like to hear from you. All perspectives are welcome and I hope that some new insights may emerge. I am always looking to expand my knowledge in this area.

Its been said in some circles that the "Crash at Roswell" or the plains of St Augustine was not an ET crash at all. Rather we have heard that this may have been a group of future humans, who were returning to the past in order to make an adjustment. Furthermore, Its been said that there was technology on board that allowed the user to either "View" a possible future, or travel there?

Furthermore, either at Roswell, or given to our intelligence services at a future time, was a CHAIR. This Chair was taken to Camp Hero on Montauk Island and all sorts of time/space experiments ensued. These were tied in to Professor Von Neuman's other experiments with Time/Space warping (The Philadelphia Experiment etc) Then we were led to believe that the base/experiment at Montauk was destroyed by a monster manifested by one of the project members..a true "Creature from the Id". So do you imagine that the research just stopped? Who do you think is using the technology now and for what purposes.

Is it possible our current timeline is being altered constantly, even NOW? That we have no perception of these alterations as we switch from one reality to the next in the infinite Multiverse?

Aren't these so-called "clock" issues the most powerful technology that could exist?

I'll just finish up by saying I have no question that our government interacts with ETs in an ongoing basis, though the nature of the interaction is not clear to me. This I have learned from a close acquaintance who worked with the space program from Mercury on through the shuttle program. She is now quite old.

Another physicist friend who was hired personally by Edward Teller (after having had an argument with him, has further expanded on this and essentially told me that "your wildest imagination...will fail to grasp what we've done"

Who do you think actually runs the show out there in the desert...at the Shady Rest etc? Go ahead, run wild with this discussion.

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