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Default The last part of Atlas Shrugged

You may have heard of Atlas Shrugged - The Novel written by Ayn Rand that is the blueprint for NWO. More information is here:


There are several other links.

I was just looking at it, as I have read it and I remember that Ayn Rand used specific dates in her book. Here are some dates:

Between September and late October, Ayn Rand starts each section by saying that a copper wire broke (probably symbolism for the problem occuring but we're not aware of it.)

September 2nd: Copper wire breaks in California.

September 7th: Copper wire breaks in Montana.

September 11th: Copper wire breaks in Minnesota.

October 15th: Copper wire breaks in New York.

October 20th - October 31st - Riots break out at Hank Reardans Steel mill. It is later revealed that the Government are paying people to riot to try to nationalise the steel company.

November 4th: The government (run by evil socialists in the book) plan to have Hank Readen announce to the country that he is on their side.

November 22nd: Mr Thompson's (One of the evil socialists) 'report on the World crisis' is to be broadcast on the radio to America, but John Galt (the hero of the story and apparently based on Phillip Rosthchild) hijacks the station to give his speech on his philosphy.

November 23rd to December 5th: Ayn Rand lists some events that happen - some involve crowds turning violent. Others involve people getting on with work despite no one to manage them (these people no longer think for themselves).

December 15th: The government is trying to reach an agreement with John Galt, but none comes. The country goes further downhill.

Jan 22nd: All the steel mills have been nationalised.

Jan 26: Guatamala (now a socialist country - the entire world is socialist now) asks the US for a loan of 1000 tons of steel.

Feb 3rd: The government kidnap John Galt and beg him to be the sole economic ruler of the US. He refuses. The world generally descends into anarchy and starvation.

The last paragraph of the book is set in Galt's Gulch - the hiding place of all the rich people in the country. They decide on their plan to return to the World. A specific date is not mentioned, but it mentions the coming leaves of spring. It also mentions snow (will snow last from winter to February?)

Directive 10-289 is mentioned. I don't know if that is significant.

The government take extreme measures. The kill everyone over 65 and 1/3 of children under 2 (correct me if the exact values are incorrect)

So there we are. I don't think the dates will be particularly accurate as it was published in 1957, but it may give a rough timeline for what will happen. Nationalisation by January and starvation from Feb - March. Then the NWO will return. Also note that the government begs John Galt to rule them.

For more info, read the last third of the book starting with a chapter called Atlantis. The first 2 parts don't contain much of what happens when things go wrong.
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Default Re: The last part of Atlas Shrugged

Ah yes ... great book, but it has been a long time ... read back in the sixties.
There was another great one too ... Fountainhead?

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Default Re: The last part of Atlas Shrugged

I think the similarities is more the fact of capitalism vs socialism. Wealth is more than just money. Atlas Shrugged depicts wealth as also being information, knowledge, skill, leadership and being able to profit from your effort. It is a very important message that needs to be spread far and wide.

I think your time table to be very pertinent. Fascinating!!
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