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unlimited mind
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Lightbulb Mid Brain Moments

This has been a most enlightening past few days here at Project Avalon. I am really enjoying the energy exchange within this newly born community.

mid brain moment : a moment where you have a thought that is 'out of the blue', or ultraviolet, or out of KNOWhere.

wanted to share two mid brain moments, one that just occurred as i was meditating this morning.

1. teach young children about their brains with song.

this idea has been rolling around for a while. i have been actively seeking a composer if you will and a bit of help with the lyrics of this song for over 2 years. as of yet, i have not found them. this idea came to me as i was writing the business plan for a project that is still on the burners, so maybe this could fire it up once again.

think about sesame street for a bit. do you guys remember that song "a bill is a bill" (not sure about the title), but it was a jingle. it was a way for children to memorize the structure of our government. now i magi ne using this same technique to fire up the brain with one song. each part of the brain would light up when it was being described and around the horn it would go.

i even had a nice play for parents night planned out, and then thought that a you tube video would work just as well with animation.

and if you really wanted to get crazy, just go ahead and add the frequency of the particular part of the brain into the background music.

2. the wave technology that i read about here tonight in another thread sparked an evolution of an idea that i had when i was contemplating off grid power and trying to figure out how i could use the water well as a means to make that happen.

but is it possible to pump the water into a tank that will move like a wave, it would seem that once the motion began it would sustain itself. seems like this might work to generate at least some power. the picture i have is of a small tank, maybe 500 gallons, on a platform that will move with the water and it's weight. the tank would also prevent evaporation. hmmm...

anyway, i am going to go try and get some sleep now. feel free to share your mid brain moments here on this thread. i look forward to any comments and further suggestions about these two moments.

be unlimited

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Default Music for the Children

You Can Sing: http://www.creativecosmos.org/50TUNES/YouCanSing.MP3
I Like Frogs: http://www.creativecosmos.org/songs/ILikeFrogs.MP3
Do You Think That we are Stars?: http://www.creativecosmos.org/songs/...WeAreStars.mp3


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mid brain moments

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