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Flying Pyramid
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Default Flying Pyramid's Request For Help

Hello family,
by now a lot of you have questions about who and/or what i am.
I was not going to tell anyone or even make mention of it, but recent events have left me empty handed on what i thought i knew about myself and where i came from.


I recently decided to look myself up in all ares, geneology, past lives, every doctor/dentist visit, repressed memories, etc.
However when i looked myself up in the geneology records myself, my father and my mother do not exist.
I have checked the mormon records, US records and even native american records as i am 1/3 cherokee.
In all cases i found "gaps" in the records when i was born.
It's strange, it's not just my record but anyone born during that time has been removed.
I e-mailed these various geneology record holders about this gap and the ones that replied they said they don't know why it's there and have no idea how it could have been removed from their records.
There are also no doctor or dental records either.
Even though i split my head open when i was a child, there are no records.
Also, not that this means anything, but i was the only boy born at that hospital all day. There was a total of 144 girls and one boy, me.

So i started researching my father and what i remeber my mother telling me. (my father split on me and my mother before i was born)
Apparently he was a master mason. He also refused to be married in a church. Now it is very hard to get this kind of info from my mom as we do not have a good relationship due to my upbringing.
I know there is alot more she is not telling me.

So after this i read about Montauk long island, not far from where i grew up. ( i was born in south carolina not far from the cherokee nation reservation.) Also apparently i am direct bloodline from the chief.
I moved to new york when i was 5 and lived there until the age of 29/30 and then moved to san francisco staying off the radar.
So after researching the Montauk project, i started getting flashbacks of being on long island when i was young but my mother says we never went to the city at all ever.

So i started to put these things together and i now remember influencing time when i would get this weird fever that i was prone to when i was young. My joints would swell so large that i would get delerious from the pain and started tripping. I clearly remember watching my mother mixing a cake batter by hand and watching her speed up and slow down. I even said "why are you moving so fast". I also remember watching time go by outside my window when i was bored. I remember speeding uop a rainstorm so it would get overwith so i could go outside and play.
Around this time is when i had that conversation with someone or something and after that everything stoped. I didn't even remember any of this until just recently after meeting the doctor who i now am convinced that he was at montauk. The doctor was a theoretical physicist. It was he who laid the groundwork and awoken me. He swears that i was one of the ones brought back in time to be born here.
After reading Al Beliks testomony about them being able shift your ZTR (zero-time-referance), i now strongly believe that Al Belik was not lieing or making up stories. Granted some of his testomony seems very far fetched but this part i believe is true.

So if this is true, what is the cause? What could they benifit from it?
The more i research myself the questions that come up.
I have not now or ever seen a ufo, had contact with any beings other than human, i do not meditate (because i cant), and i do not talk to my higher self even though i think that is whats guideing me.
So who the hell am i?
All i know is that i'm supposed to make sure that mankind posses the knowledge that has been hidden from them since the dawn of time, yes the dawn of time. This **** goes WAY back into the first addition of time itself. Older than the annunaki, older than RA, older than any living being, planet, galaxy or universe.

So when i think and ponder on this all i get is the same type of answer "your too intense, you can not be awakened until it's time."
So what the hell does that mean?
And why do i know all of what i know. The doctor didnt download this info in my brain like i stated before, he just removed one of the barriers around my subconcious where all of this data is being stored.

Some psycics have refered to me as permethous and christ which right away i assume they are full of it and not pysicic.
But after way too many syncronisities for me to ignore, i decided to entertain this idea and do some research and i an not happy with the results.
I was born on 13 of 75, i was moved from my home at 5, i was "sealed" by whomever at 12, awakend by a future shaman at 18, rewakened at 30, and reawakened again at 33 which is the age i am now.
I will not post the other results because i do not want to entertain this idea any more than i already have. To tell you the truth i really dont give a **** if i am or not, the only thing that matters to me is the ascencion of all mankind and putting a stop to the human coruption.

So why am i posting this?
I feel i have come far enough to a point where i can figure this out with my own resources. I have tried to meditate and all that but there is something in my head, like a guardian that detours me at every turn.
I cant seem to recall my dreams anymore and i consistantly get shocked from everything.
Everything i have thought about or tripped on no matter how far out on the fringe it was is being proven by todays scientists, natualists, pyscics and so on. So i am afraid, very afraid of the other things i see and have been told by the doctor. If these things are true, then the other things i see may also be true and i am encombered with fear.

So i am requesting help from all seerers, pyscics and healers alike.
I dont trust anyone knowing what i know. I at this stage am very vaunrable, and what i am carring around in my head is to big for anyone to get ahold of. As i stated before, it is my burden to bare.
But i have to take a risk sometime, somewhere if i am to continue this journey.
So i am humbly asking for help from anyone who has the knowledge and power to asist me in putting some of these things to bed so i can move on and focus on the mission ahead.
I have removed my spiritual barrier and aloow anyone to view as they wish. But remember, i am what i am and nothing more.
Since others will not answer me, maybe they will answer you.
Please ask your giudes and higher selves about me.
Help me with whatever you can if you can.

Something inside my soul is growing at an alarming rate and i want to know it's intention. Straight to the point: i feel like a prisoner in my own body/mind. Just moving through the motions of a predetermined game of life. It seems for me there is no free will, only the will of those pulling on the strings.
No, it was not me that released this free dc energy, i know i am being manipulated into doing this and other things. And when i have done what i am to do, i will become useless to the ones controlling me and i, like so many others, will be laid to waste.
I want control back. I want to know whom is responcable for doing this to me. Who am i really? Why are these things being done to us? Why am i allowed to know what i know, see what is comeing, and can not do a damn thing about it. Why are they useing my powers against mankind?
How can i get them back, or at least keep them from useing them?

Questions, questions and more questions is all i get faced with.
Like a maze of questions to keep me off track and unfocused.
I get that but am i to not ever know who i am?
Am i that intece? Why do the PTB fear me so much?

Please help if you can. Any info will help me decifer this exsistance.
Thank you,
Flying Pyramid
Son Of Man
Richard Scott Brooks
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