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Visions of the Future Visions of the future, What are you seeing? Thoughts, Dreams, Intuition....

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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Please read...

Ye ones will either be prepared and withstand the time of massive deprivation or ye shall be secured elsewhere until recovery necessary for safety in thy returning.



"..."After great misery for mankind an even greater approaches—WHEN THE GREAT CYCLE OF THE CENTURIES—is renewed, it will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease: In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a trail of sparks." This will represent the Wormwood of thy Holy book. It will be the relief orb for a great migration of Earth people. Great damage will be inflicted on the place of America for there will ensue an age of "nuclear winter" whereby the sun is darkened and no thing can grow. Ye ones will either be prepared and withstand the time of massive deprivation or ye shall be secured elsewhere until recovery necessary for safety in thy returning.


Ye will very soon be watching for a second "sun" to be visible. It will be noted and will remain visible for some seven days of your timing. This will be a sign unto mine ones that thy seven-year countdown has begun. Ye will know ’tis ME. ..."

Resource: 'SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER" LIFEBOAT MEASURES -- IF YOU ACT NOW', Chapter 8, Page 65-66, Phoenix Journal 4.

* * *

RM: According to the video below, the first sightings of a second "sun" occurred in Oct. 2003. Are these 2003 sightings around the world the same as foretold by Sananda of a second "sun" in the quotation above? Was a seven year countdown begun in Oct. of 2003 by the Governor of this earth, Sananda? The culmination of a seven year countdown from that date is Oct. 2010. If this is correct, do we each have eight months, perhaps, to prepare and make final decisions; will I stay or will I go?

* * *

Video entitled: Nibiru Segundo Sol Cassia Eller Hercolobus Planet X Nemesis Absinto 2012

[D: This is NOT Niburu, Planet X, or Nemesis.]



* * *

Esu Jesus Sananda continues:

"... As ye ones in receiving of this directed message are within the United States of America, I shall share some other prophecies of this great seer which were removed and forbidden circulation by the political wardens.

"In the West, blood runs in streets, night screams out. A populace outraged. Men in warrior garb strike out; Security dies. Victims battle helplessly, but the warriors are supreme in a new dark age of terrible chicanery." Ah so.

Is it not so that ye are in the midst of crime in thy country that it is like the rockets into thy sky—out of control and out of reach of rectification? Criminals will strike out against helpless victims everywhere and the elderly will be targets for the thieves and the blood flows in the streets as the criminal gangs, even unto the children, kill and mutilate. Your law enforcement agencies no longer can contain nor buffer between the criminal and the citizen, especially in thy cities of density. The population will be outraged, but also powerless to stop the hordes of savages who will descend on you with their guns and knives.

And why? "The second millennium minus ten, in the West, multitudes in vertigo. Disorientation reigns among all. A flower to blame. Graves overflow with the young. A royal decree fails and leaders among the ruins. Contamination is everywhere; the land, air and sea is spoiled. Invisible clouds descend on the multitude, unaware. Insidious death. Sickness. Engines of power grind into red dust, acid from the heavens, and a universal color fades."

Pretty blunt without my input, isn’t it? Have ye not a population almost totally dependent on drugs? Narcotics as ye call them will replace alcohol liquor and will cause millions to perish from abuse or crime association therewith. Do ye not think ye are headed to this irreversible point by thy 1990? Do ye not note the pollution which grows daily? The people of the earth will be sick most of the time as ye move along for ye poison thy air with particulate that floats upon the air currents for thousands of miles. Acid from the heavens? I think this needs very little comment.

What of the engines of power grinding into red dust? Well, suffice it to say that when ye have no fuel to run thy factories, machines and other energy-burning engines, ye will cease to be able to use them and this commodity will become so valuable that much bloodshed will happen. Ye will turn again unto the deadliest of all—nuclear, and by this time the criminal element and abuse of substance will be so great that the invisible cloud will contaminate thy country in widespread measure. The physical bodies will deteriorate from radiation poison and it will seep into thy water and thy food stuffs. The blue color of thy heavens will be clouded and distorted by all manner of products.

The flower referred to is the hemp plant and thy opium poppies from whence comes thy most addictive narcotics. Ye are in it, beloved ones, do not hide thine eyes—YE ARE IN IT!


What of: "The Occident reels. A new revolution, bloodless, engulfs the multitudes. Levies oppress. Leaders quake as the royal coffers are bare and great gold treasuries sink and a comet two years past has crossed the sky." When did Halley’s Comet traverse thy skies? Would it by any chance have been in 1986? What would two years past indicate? 1988 perhaps? Treasuries sink? Debtor nations out of control—thy own in certain collapse—open thine eyes! Do ye not think the levies will be more and more oppressive? There will be a day when the people can no longer pay of taxes and an overwhelming revolt of non-payment will strike your nation. All thy reserves of precious metals (gold) shall be taken from thy storehouses and exhausted in an attempt to save of thy government political center. It will only purchase of thee a tiny bit of "time", it will not alter the course of the path.


Let us now consider for a moment, the state of Jewish Israel which ye ones saw fit to reestablish in thy 1948. "A spit of land in the midst of sand and water arms itself against mighty hordes. Robed men descend enmasse masse. Thunderbolts. Lightning. The arrogance of the few melts. Blue waters claim a once powerful nation."

So be it and Selah! Look to your maps. Look to the state of Israel and cast thy minds to that which has already been given unto you even this day. Ye will see in the MidEast, that Israel is really a spit of land with water on one side and sand on the other. It has armed itself against the enemies it has, and is the fourth largest military might in the world in your day. The robed ones will descend upon her and all the arms available cannot save her. Nothing is enough against the hordes of robed ones descending on her. Thunderbolts and lightening are the weapons of war. Israel will be lost and then those who participate will be driven into the ocean—and so it will continue!


Beloved ones, little is the world of men; small indeed is the Earth—yet precious in Our sight, for the Earth surely is a willing servant of the Lord. For long has she been in bondage, and long has she suffered. Long has she served in the capacity of the Footstool of the Father; for long has she served in the capacity of asylum and laboratory, and she is now in quarantine, yet she shall be delivered out. She shall be cleansed and brought out of bondage, and once again she shall send forth Her radiance into the forests of the universe; she shall be a shining orb. She shall bring forth a new generation, and it shall serve The Father and therein she shall know great joy and there will be great rejoicing within the heavenly realms. I tell you surely, the Earth has travailed long in Her sorrow and pain. Now she shall be delivered up.

She shall be delivered up. Be aware of her travail and be prepared to share her joy. Be ones which have suffered and pained with her and ones which shall also be delivered, for it is now come when the Light shall consume the darkness, and the Light shall go forth and all creatures shall be made new. They shall be as they were created to be, for they shall no longer be as the ones bound in darkness. This is mine word upon which I place mine seal this day.

Ye shall rise as on wings of dawn and you shall have the Rod of Power, and it shall serve you true and well. Be as ones in alertness and let peace be within you. MINE PEACE I GIVE UNTO YOU THAT YOU NOT PULL FROM ME IN FEAR AND TRIBULATION. I AM THY ROCK. SO BE IT AND SELAH.



Resource: 'SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER LIFE - BOAT MEASURES IF YOU ACT NOW', Chapter 8, Page 66-68, Phoenix Journal 4.

FROM: Rocky Montana

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