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THE eXchanger
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Default Beat the Illuminasti with Words

Beat the Illuminasti with Words

The Importance of Words in this War over Human Evolution

The old powers have used every means they can think of, including the subversion of words and language to change meaning to what they want, and manipulate us in the process.

Now, this is a very powerful technique – one that can be actively reversed by us to help in the process of pulling the old controllers down off their pedestals. If we use the same method to pour (highly deserved) scorn and ridicule on those who would be our slave-masters, I promise you it will speed their demise. If we can find ways to spread both these words, and get many contributors on the web to join in the game of using the old powers’ words against them, so much the better. Please add what you can, we can build up a lexicon of de-power words, reserved just for them!

Lets have some serious (because it will work) fun here. Herewith a few for starters

Illuminasti – well, they are, aren’t they?

Illuminazi – if you look at the last three generations of the Bush family you realise that the Nazi continuum is alive and well – and a main enemy of humanity

Feral Reserve – predatory to the last molecule

Banksters – stand and deliver – your money or your house!

Polluticians – everything they touch goes foul

Deriveltives – whoever bought into such nonsense?

Derivatives – Off-balance shiit-finances

CDO’s – Collateralised Doubtful Obligations, Completely Destructive Operations

SOB-primed mortgages – those SOBs primed the more vulnerable elements of the population for destitution with entrapment through cheep interest rate offers

Rothshill’d – refers to a variety of techniques for inducing (sometimes) legal robbery by deception

Rockefelon - theft in high places

Rockafellate – a technique for sucking whole economies dry

Morgan Standby – a big fat pirate just waiting to make another killing

Goldman Sacks – what they do with the nation after they have stolen all the treasures

TARP – Total A$$holes Rip Populace

Bail-out – they bribed their way out of jail yet again

And, of course, always

TPTW – The powers that were – let’s not give them any currency (well, they would only start trading it… )

OK – that was fun! But I am totally serious here.

Let’s play the illuminasty at their own word manipulation game,
and make them look (even more obviously) ridiculous.

Contributions please! Please then work on spreading these de-power words around the web.

Post them anywhere you can.

Pass them on to other people in networked e-mails, get them
(and as many others as we can muster) into wide usage – you get the general idea.

If our collective pen is to be mightier than their sword,
we might as well give it some extra teeth…:-)…as it were!

Xavier Hermes
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