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Default Excluded Middle

It seems that a majority of these threads and topics whether plaedian reptiles or 911 holgrams boils down to some similar intrinsic points. We can beat around the bush all day with the ins and outs and stuff around the events or testimonies or theories, the "material" of the thing or the "accidents" but at the heart of the matter, microcosmicaly occulted is the essence of all these things, the ideas of false and truth, reality and fiction, belief and proof if you will.

I suggest if you enter into any of the things discussed on this website you should understand basic faculty perception, simple tautology, philosophy, semantics and psychology.

lets start of by the common ground we can all stand on together.

understand the excluded middle.
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Default Re: Excluded Middle

I live in the negative space around things, I enjoy thinking about what terrible event I have missed because i'm stuck in the trafic jam or what falling piano I missed because I was delayed at work. The stuff in between things, the stuff that didn't happen.

For instance let me tell you that I don't believe any aliens are coming (possibly alone on this but I am pretty certain). There is absolutely no arguement that stands up to that reasoning in my mind. It would mean we live in a hunting universe and our only escape up till now was being small and on the edge of a galaxy far far away from the blood-thirsty hoards...

If these beings are benevolent then they absolutely won't want to mix themselves up in all this. Why would they interfere, knowing that if they did, no change in the hearts of men would occur. They also would not view death as the end so may think what the hell are they doing on this round-about of life and death, when they get that sorted things will improve.

we are the creators of all that is wrong and all that is rigt with the world, change yourself and you change everything you interact with forevermore -- for better or worse. If you turn into a cynical crazy person then thats what everything looks like to you and vice versa.

I think what I was aiming at is its impossible to prove or "sell" a negative, sell meaning convince. The thread begining " nothing is going to happen lets all resume being human beings" will not go down so well, but "garlic the new killer" will of course have us running for the hills because it appeals to our fight/flight instinct. If only people who want it, would stop using the word 'disclosure' there might be half a chance of manifesting something, even if its just to themselves. as it is the are just attracting 'dis' the negative and 'closure' the negative, they are actaully helping the so called ptb.

Anyway, that may not have been what you wanted to discuss and if so forget the whole thing

Cheers from france
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