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Default The Tale of the Ages

Hi all!

In my quests (haha) to knowledge (haha2) I realize a lot of interesting points, here are a timeline of events...

Atlantean idiots make genetic inbreed with (actually) demons creating aberrations so "The World was destroyed by Water" to "cleanse" the earth of cronic stupidity. Few survived and spread trough the world. These history is in the popular lore and myth of 600 (yes, that much) cultures in the world, in China the patriarc who scaped is named No-wa and in Taithi, Nouh... + 598 trought the world, seriously!

Those live, at first for a short period of time, in a primitive culture but they have saved a lot of the previews knowledge. They at least had the ability to melt rock and to lift rock with magnetism using the magnetic "leylines" of the earth. Then The evidence of Incredible prowess in technology is evident.

From an Unknown source came to the peoples of the earth the Great Prophesy who says that "A Man will come from a virgin mother and he'll Kill the Serpent and he'll be given to sacrifice"; That's the Origin of the Zodiac, in fact, at first, it have 48 signs (12 mayors and 3 little ones explaining the proper mayor), it start with Virgo and it told This Very Tale.

The Original VIRGO, why now there's no Child in her Arms? In fact the name of that child was Coma, the Nation's Desired One, other name he had was Ihesus, no Kidding!

-In the second century BC priest from a mystery religion toke the Zodiac and add to it the Astrology part of what we have now.-

The Rise of Babylon, Nimrod rule with his Wife Semiramis, Nimrod dies and so those king are no longer Divine for the people, Semiramis have a child and say that was the child of the Prophesy and that she's still a virgin and Tamuz, the offspring, is the resucitated Nimrod. She creates the Mystery Religions. She has contact with the "Builders devas" (Her lineage had contact before the destruction of the previows world and passed it away, it seems, but I don't know for sure, that's what they say!).

They live in an almost unified world (yes, in fact there's evidence of that the ancients have technologies similar to the ones we have now), and they tried to do a super estructure challenging the GOD. Something happened and they never end it and suddenly they scaterred into many nations.

Many copies of the original Mystery religion are formed in different countries, Like Egypt with the un-holly trylogy of Isis (Semiramis), Horus (Tamuz) and Osiris (Nimrod) and India to name a few.

The Mystery religions works like this: The outsider don't know what the Insider is doing and in the inside work like an onion, layer after layer of different knowledge until you are told what's up in the top layer (or maybe never).

The Secret Doctrine of the Mystery Religions ODDLY was passed to the humans to "Spiritual non positive Beings", the "Builder Angels" or "builder of the Air". To channelers throught the ages... the same doctrine!

That "covenant" human-monster (haha) who knows that Secret Doctrine passed to the Kabalah (in witch had obtain the Numeric part of the doctrine to never "be victims of the lenguages again", so they can understand those teachings by symbols).

Later passed to the Gnostics (wich doctrine is like a negative -oposite- of christianity, GOD is "the younger brother" of Lucifer and at the begining all the humans are just souls happy jumping all over the place when the evil god came and enslave all the happy souls into Flesh bodies in a Matrix of matter. -He's like the "Architect" of the movie matrix to the gnostic religion and that sort of things).

Meanwhile in Judea a Man was born and fullfil that ancient Prophesy, he's name was Yehoshua'ha Mechaich, that's means "The Father in the Flesh", he started a New way of thinking and the peoplewho follow him lived (and can now live to) in what is called "The Way".

This image is from the Síndone, the Shroud. There's in it 1st century judeic extinc particles of polen, total anatomy correctness and the image was Radiated to the cloth, not painted, ooodd... by the way now the cientists say that the carbon 14 was wrong?!

The cesar tries to eliminate that New Way of living but the "way's livers" endure. After several cesars and more years Constantine, a Roman Cesar, politicaly decided that he will Unify all the mayor religions (by the way, screwing the followers of "The Way") and In the Nicea Council he Continued with his religions (mystery religions by the way, Mithraism and Sol Invictus worshiping) But he put Bible Oriented names to the topics. In this way the statues of Zeus became "St. Peter" and Venus became "Mary", etc.

The church grew in power, the priests bought the lands of the generals and in the 6th century the Papacy is perfected and he is the authority now.

Meanwhile the idiot-Covenant teachings passed to the Pre-islamic Alchemists and later to Islamic Sects like the Asshasshins who Invented the Mind control of the masses! (by example; Hassan ibn Sabah, their leader have a palace who keep a inner garden copying the "muslim heaven" in wich the iniciates, after being severely doped where transferred for like 2 hours, after that Hassan say to hem that "if they do what he ordered they will go to the heaven again", and that kind of stupidly evil things).

Later those guys, in the crusades time to take Jerusalem (where 9 of them!) have human relations with the Templars and the stupid knowledge of the ancient mystery religions passed to them.

After a time the templars are totally a branch of the mystery religions and the King of france and the pope killed them for worshiping baphomet (a satanic idol), practicing odd satanic rituals and because of Every disgusting perversion (and of course to steal their money... they where the first Bankers!) The first Knight order created, the Knight of Malta (knights hospitallers or knights of st. John of Jerusalem in that time) keep the assets of the Templars and until now They are the Bankers of the World.

Jacques De Molay (the head of the Templars and a Pedophile) was burnt and he cursed the pope and the king of france, in a year both where dead... () Now there's a branch of masonry for childs name De Molay, interesting name given to a child organization.

Demolay almost being burned pointing a guy in the public, "he did it! he did it!" meanwhile the crowd scream Burn the Witch Burn him!; How you know that hes a Witch...? He looks like one!.

But the templar where not dead! (just a little brown).

The templar fled to scottland and to spain under the catholic kings.

The knowledge passed to the Rosicrusians (they had a great master in John Dee, who, also comunicated with the "angels"...)

Later Came the Reformation when a Guy relize that what the Church, Roman Catholic (menaing Roman UNIVERSAL) doesn't do or are what the Bible say... In response the Cesar (pope) created the Inquisition, a mountruous beast who killed Millions and Millions .

In the inquisitinon the Dominicans reached a spanish nobleman and soldier who was forming a mysterious organization. Was Loyola and the organization who he was forming was named Los Alumbrados, maneing The illuminated Ones. He was an adept of the secret teachings of the mystery religions and asked an audience with the pope (because his links with the monarchy the pope accept the meeting). He down a sleeve of his pants and bowed to the pope.

He say that he will make the church great again if the people accept 2 things, the spiritual and temporal power of the pope and the "papal sucession" who is a spelling error. The pope say "OK man when we start!" and declared Loyola Untochable and gives permission to iniciate his order with several objetives:

Obtain control of Jerusalem
(Now, jesuit trained Shimon Peres gave in the 93' to the Vatican, in the Oslo accords the 60% of the interesting parts of Jerusalem Including Temple Mount...!)

Rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

Kill the Heretics! (heretic is the person who isn't catholic or is a catholic free-thinker)

And others that I Don't Remember!

He started the Alumbrados, later changed to Knights of St. Mary but later-later Changed to the Society of Jesus to please the pope.

The Evil Alumbrados, ehhh, Society of Jesus or, to short the thing off, the Jesuits where called to be the Pretorian Guard of the Pope, the Elite and the best of the best (beast).

The super sign of the jesuits... ISH, means Isis (Semiramis), Horus (Reencarnated Nimrod in the body of Tamuz after went to the Sun to do... I don't know, clean himself or something) and Seth (the Egyptian version of the Devil MUAHAHAHA)

Loyola, Contacted ""angels"" to iniciate the order and with the secret teachings who he knows made the Spiritual Excercises of Loyola (obvious) and continued with the counterreformation in a angry bear version of the former.... In his death he say a phrase to his fellow jesuits that just the supervillians are allowed to say, he say:

"We are called to win... All Nations, All the Kingdoms of the World.... I leave you The World !" *(*Say this with an evil voice).

"The thing that's put above to all of you!"

This army of supereducated men had continuosly infiltrated every organization (that's their work!) in 1773 the pope get bored and excomulgate them... Big Mistake!

3 years later a professor (jesuit) of cannon law of a jesuit university (they aren't jesuits but they have their universities and propierties) in Ingolstadt named Adam Weishput formed the historic ultrasatanic-sect illuminati organization who had the purpose of Control the usefull persons of the world (mainly Black Nobility ones and other nerds and usefull Mistics and Witches who already had advanced knowled of the Secret Doctrine, and in this times New Agers and Hardcore Satanits).

Years later the French revolution started and the jesuit order punished EVERY nation in europe who kick them away (a lot really, like 80 in total,) and, of course, The papacy making the pope go to Jail and Re-establishing the Order.

In the middle of the struggle of the French Revolution people sit a prostitute with a gown, a crown and a Torch in her hands in Notre Damme, She Was Semiramis, Queen of Babylon, and the Torch was the Light of Lucifer.

In that moment the order Controled the papacy, until now.

She is similar to...? Yes, was a Gift of the French masons to the USA masons.

An the papacy, controls the nobles and the Knights of Malta and all the Catholic (Universal) organizations like opus dei and Illuminati.

The order Controls the Masonry to, in fact, the Number One mason is The Black Pope!

They infiltrated masonry and made all the upper levels to Use it in the countries they where Expelled!

And they where expeled under charges of Conspirancy and Murder!

They Revived the Templars, so that's what the upper level masons people are: The Revived Templars! Just Read Albert Pike!

Between all of those organization they control like All the funny Goberments in the world!

Vatican City, the Divination Hill, and the Pope, the Vicar of Nimrod, both have so many pagan ancient symbols that is obscene!

The papacy started Both World wars, several other before and the present crusade agains the islamic Chiite persons.

But they end like this:

Illuminatis-skull and bones, knights of malta and bilderberg suposedly not catholic mourning in the precense of the pope's dead body.

Changing the subjet, In the modern times the Brotherhood decided that the New Age will start. That's because the Catholic church thinks that she is the fullfilment of the prophesy of the 4 horsemen and she will deliver "The milenial Kningdom of the New Age". So they decided to Give Some of the Secret Doctrine To The Public, and That's the New Age.

The creepy part in all of this is that Allways that Secret Doctrine Is transfered to the "iluminated one" (iniciated) by Entities Channeled! Simon Magus, John Dee, Sabbatai Svi, The new age teachers now contacting with the "Builder Angels" or "Builders of the Air"....

By Taping into "The Force" (who is like a colective conciousnes of.. ehh... Demons!) the initiated can achieve the goal of "rise the vibration level" by the never ending synthesis of oposites ("fire by friction", "the marriage of heaven and earth" that resembles very much to Ordo ab Chao) until matter and spirit are joined into One ("Omega point") with all the solar system in what's called "The Perfected Sun" under the Rule of the DRAGON OF WISDOM"* **

To make the Fullfilment of the Milenial Kingdom (omega point).

This is the Goal of the New Age/luciferianism movement now!

*Actual doctrine of the new age!!! see it in Alice Bailey's "A Treatise of Cosmic Fire"!***
**In the judeo-christian tradition The Dragon is Lucifer and he's the "master of the powers (builders) of the Air".
*** The same Alice Bailey that created Lucifer Publishing Company!

That's the Agenda of the New Age!

The dragon making company to a human haha

Well, other day I make references to study in context... meanwhile...

www.vaticanassassins.org 1840 pages of suppressed information trought the times.
www.beforeus.com The Greatests e-books about supressed history you ever find!
www.clayandiron.com Listen to the Nutrimedical Report, The Greatest geopolitical analisis I ever found are in here plus the best medical Technology who actually works!

www.beyondthephysicalrealm.com By the Great Carolyn Hamlett the last Illuminati defector who went trought all of the luciferic-new age when she was very young and she can explain what's going on in the spiritual level very well.

Cheers! and sorry for the spelling errors! hahaha Other day I edit this thing!

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Default Re: The Tale of the Ages

The "Hierarchy" by the Ex-illuminati occultist Whistleblower Carolyn Hamlett

Let's remember that she was an illuminati occultist and now's a born again christian who exposes the occult side of the New World (dis)Order's ideas like luciferianism and new age. Is curious that all the illuminati defectors I know are born again christians!

You see here, that the "Satanism" and the Dark Arts is the right hand of the "New Age" Whithe Brotherhood and White Magics both with lucifer as their head, but the lower initiates Don't Know that.

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Default Re: The Tale of the Ages

Amazing photo of today:

The POPE with the TRILATERAL COMISSION in the bloody Vatican, the Divination Hill:

The TRILATERAL COMMISSION is the Bilderbergs plus Asian guys.

Was created by the KNIGHT OF MALTA Zbignew Brzezinski.

Cheers.... ??
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