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Default My Inspiration

So this may seem off-topic, but I felt it would fit best in this section. Does anyone remember Dinoptopia, specifically the books, by James Gurney? Does anyone else resonate with this series as much as I do?

These books are the greatest inspiration in my life in greatly helping develop my way of thought. I was first introduced to the audio tapes on my 8th birthday. I remember the night so well. It was the first night I stayed up way too late, because I couldn't stop listening to them, went through the whole 3 hours.

When I discovered there were books to go along with them and the absolutely amazing oil paintings of dinosaurs, humans, coexisting in harmony on the island, I can't tell you how much I fell in love. The books represented every love of my life, from philosophy [of utopia], to coexistence of all lifeforms, and living in harmony with nature as seen with the architecture. And even their history with Atlantis. And to top it off, Will and Arthur Denison were perfect archetypes of me.

Anyways, I've been feeling very negative lately, especially with all this reading as of late, and today I've been feeling absolutely positive and want to share some of that. I hope my story put some smiles on some faces, rekindled some memories, and opened some eyes to some amazing artwork.

Canyon City

Waterfall City

Giving Thanks

More artwork here
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Default Re: My Inspiration

Yeah Man I dig the same Bones, reading this was a near instant responce to some negitive thoughts I was having, nice pictures. Dinotopia sounds good too me.
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dinotopia art smiles

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