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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

Originally Posted by ADAM KADMON View Post

In my humble opinion, David Wilcock has been infected with "fame". I understand that you can't diagnose someone with a "fame" disease, but his choice of words on some of his latest interviews, such as referring to himself as "the talent" --

His attempted entry into Hollywood with making a movie, and his selective vanity someone compels me to look away with someone centralizing their message not on themselves.

I think A LOT of what he talks about is gathered from 3rd parties, and other sources, and is not direct knowledge. In fact, my introduction to David Wilcock was with the Project Camelot interview where he talks about how he ready hundreds of books on ESP and the likes at a young age. And as you all know, reading books and watching movies about bank robbers doesn't make you one.

Regardless, I mean to say nothing negative about David Wilcock or taint his reputation however; there is a "collective" feeling and attitude of skeptiscm surround Mr. Wilock and I believe that such feelings are justified for one reason or another.

Michael St. Claire doesn't need any more positive reinforcement, but for the sake of keeping things balanced I do endorse St. Claire to the fullest. His message and his work genuinely uplifts, and has acquired his fame by the virtue of his work. It was not his intention to acquire fame through his work unlike, "The Reincarnation of..."

Adam K.
Perfect. Thank you.
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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

Originally Posted by skywatcher View Post

it is my feeling at this time that this thread, due to the animosity, should be killed. It is not in keeping with the project avalon/camelot spirit.
Blessing and peace,
great idea well said
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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

Yes yes, lets end the thread, and embrace the same sense of censorship embraced by mainstream media - because the opinions are not acceptable to the majority. Let's kill thread because you do not agree whith them.

Exxchanger, help me. More to come in a few.
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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

I am sound sensitive and when I listen to David what I hear is the clear voice of an intelligent young man who would not lie. A simple error, we all do that.

He is also a person who cares or he wouldn't go through all that he does. It isn't easy being David.
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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

Why all this anger? Why all the negativity?

This is not a street corner, or a sporting event... Try to behave as if you are a "guest" in anothers home. Take personal responsibility for the tone and words of your post. Think with your heart, and learn to control your emotions.

David Wilcock is a much loved and respected Project Camelot Witness. I am greatly saddened by the topic and tone of this Thread. It is being monitored by the Avalon Ground Crew, and we will make a decision about how to proceed in due time.

Until then... please be aware of how your posts can affect and either inspire or degrade our online community.
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John aka#404
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Default Thread closed

In keeping with the spirit of Avalon and several requests to kill this thread it has been closed and will be moved momentarily.

We thank you for your understanding in this decision.

Number 404
Project Avalon Moderator
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