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Default Insiders Tales : Bill Holden interview

hi evry1

Insiders Tales :Bill Holden interview

The ide is to make a kind of internett dokumentarish 30 min mini series for us project camelot fans and a teaser for those hwo are n00bsAll free ofcoz

i can do 1 episode evry 7-10 days starting january 2010 if the response for doing this is good.Maby we can get youtube to remove the 10 min limit.So we dont have to cut it in 3 parts.

Tell me what you think about the first episode and should i make more?


What has been done:

1. I have cut down the interview to 30 min.Leaving only mr Holdens personal extraordinary experiences.Discusions and politics are cut out.witch is ofcoz VERY important information.
So i strongly recomend you all to see the full interview.

2. Added visuals to spice up the overall feel of the interview.Evry thing added is picked from youtube so copyrights should not be an issueThis means that all visuals are NOT in eny direct connetion to mr holden or the raw camelot interview.Fake or not is not the point.its ment as an illustration of the experiences

3. Added background music to give it a dokumentarish mood.All are bits and pices of composisions i have picked from my personal music collection.All with in the limits of the copyright issue.

0r!oN who are you?

i am 36 years old,from Norway,in music and art,work as a nightwatch in the local hospital for mental sick to make ends meat.Big camelot fan and have seen evrything on the site+ evrything els i have found on these issues.Experienced a big ufo siting in the 80s with missing time and all.Have my own website collecting stuff .Not been able to get eny big trafic on it and thats ok i dont want enyone to think i do this to promote my site.So i wont add eny links.Been diving into this stuff for 4-5 years now,So i have seen how camelot has grown from the begining.And they have become giants in this field and have awakened so many sleepers out there that its mindblowing.
all i can sey is TH4NK Y0U!!!
for eny bad english

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