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Default Alan Park Video: must see and must share !!!! blast this puppy out there....

This is from Alan Park, a cast member of CBC's "Royal Canadian Air Farce" TV show. He made this short video and posted it on You Tube.


And see also NEW footage from Calgary

Canadians Please sign: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/b...009/index.html
(Note: Condi Rice has also been invited to speak in Calgary in May, with more Neocons lining up behind here. Please sign on and say "NO!" and call / write your MPs) See: "Operation Vigilant Citizen" http://www.warcriminalsout.com/Opera...ntCitizen.html

Please Read about the man who tried to arrest Bush:
Civilians Enforcing War Crimes Act Arrested While Criminal Gets Away
Press Release - Info Event 03.24.09

And, what did this gig cost Canadians in dollar terms? Some one needs to do F.O.I. requests and report on it

Is this the Canada you thought you lived in? Do you want your Canada back?

Canada needs you now!!

War Criminals OUT! www.warcriminalsout.com
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