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Default CFTC investigates the Silver market (ho, ho, ho!)

Ok below just another try to make us feeling save and that everything is ok in PRECIOUS-METALS-PAPER-FUNNY-MONEY-LAND! Just the e-mail-adress in the text is enough evidence.....that all the mails you send will be directed automatically to the bin!

So lets wait for the results, but I am sure everything is ok! Now, if we and especially you US CITIZENS wants to change anything!

Do the following:

Go long as much gold and silver futures expiry december as you can afford.

Go and exercise them

Do not accept cash settlement, URGE AT ANY PRICE PYHSICAL SETTLEMENT!


If you lost already confidence into COMEX and US banking system:

Buy the GOLD ETF of ZKB, which is an excellent Swiss bank: www.zkb.ch; there is another Swiss bank coming up with similar ETFs on Gold.....Julius Baer.

Greetings, Silverman

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the silver futures market. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Commission) takes the threat of manipulation in the futures and options markets seriously and employs a number of measures to identify and prevent it. Moreover, the Commission is committed to taking action against wrongdoers when illegal activity occurs.

In light of concerns raised by you and others relating to the silver futures market, the Commission's Division of Enforcement (Enforcement) can confirm that it has opened an investigation into this matter. Your correspondence has been provided to Enforcement for its review. If you have additional factual information you would like to provide to Enforcement for their use in the investigation, please email silverinquiry@cftc.gov or call our toll free number - (866) 366-2382. In addition, Enforcement staff may contact silver investors for specific information or formal testimony for use in the investigation.

While Federal law prohibits the CFTC from publicly disclosing specific trader information in the futures markets, staff will be closely reviewing the size and concentration of specific trader positions as it proceeds with its investigation. The Commission has a robust and successful program of investigating and prosecuting manipulation. Since December 2002, the Commission has filed 42 enforcement actions against a total of 72 respondents/defendants for violations involving manipulation or false price reporting in the energy markets. If similar conduct has occurred or is occurring in the silver futures market, the Commission will aggressively pursue the offenders.

In addition to Enforcement efforts, the Commission's Division of Market Oversight has conducted two large-scale reviews of the long-term economic activity in the silver futures market. Reports of these reviews are dated May 14, 2004 and May 13, 2008. These reports can be accessed at the hyperlinks provided below, or on our website at www.cftc.gov.

The Commission appreciates your concerns and would like to assure you that we take allegations of manipulation seriously. The Commission is carefully monitoring activity in the silver futures market, and if warranted will take proper action against anyone violating the Commodity Exchange Act.
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Default Re: CFTC investigates the Silver market (ho, ho, ho!)

The CFTC is such an honest watch dog group, that they allowed the Hunt brothers to monopolize the silver market which caused the last big precious metals boom in the 80's.
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