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My perspective:

Hello, I understand and can relate to all the frustration, anger and hate directed at me. I do. I would be feeling exactly the same way if I believed I was seeing the community I love being destroyed. I would not sit and watch, I would be saying or doing whatever I can to stop it from happening. People like Luminari, Anchor, Jonah and dozens others here are some of the kindest most wonderful souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, so when they speak out publicly against me, throw insults etc, I feel it. quite deep actually. But I realize if the roles were reversed and I felt they were doing what they perceive I am. I would be somewhat harsher in my opinions I am sure. And very vocal about it.

Yes there was a division amongst the moderators. It was born from ignorance through no fault of their own. Left in the dark to only assume what is going on. When one is asked to take a position like mod in a forum and then information to do their job is withheld, It can make anyone upset and resentful and lead them to unfounded conclusions based on assumptions. I know, I've been on the other side of this fence too. The decision to keep certain mods in the dark during the action that saw abrax banned and the threads moved was a on the spot decision and not planned. The presence of 4 mods in the abrax group led to that decision. In my opinion we should of told all of you the details the next day.

Please know, I did not and do not act alone. Contrary to popular opinion this isn't "The Céline and Richard show". Avalon is Bill Ryan's baby and I promised to protect for him at all costs. Bill is well aware of what has been going on but is currently busy on his current project. As for the forum, the Captain of this ship is Gareth and he is always aware of all things Avalon. Karen also has carried this community on her shoulders for a very long time and has earned the love and respect of everyone here. Without her help and compassionate touch the past few weeks it would of been a lot harder on the rest of us. Sara too is a special soul and has been here from the very beginning. Just trying to shed her light on everyone has helped heal all those affected. I defer to their wisdom in all things Avalon.
I am sorry but still cannot say much, I will say this as you all deserve some truth and I can't stay quiet any longer despite overwhelming advice to do so. As many already may know there is an organized effort to destroy PC and PA. It began late last summer.
The first part of that mission was to split up Kerry and Bill. divide them in hopes their own personal battle takes it all out. It worked, partially. They are now divided and not seeing eye to eye but the end result was not what was expected. Instead of the end of Camelot the division re focused Project Camelots goals and Did the same for Project Avalon on a parallel track.
The next plan, to destroy Project Avalon, would remove Bills base of operations have the added bonus of dispersing several thousand enlightened souls who use the online forum to inform and enlighten many countless of readers daily. Again using the divide and conquer method.
That's where we stopped it.
3 Months ago I was told in no uncertain terms to take a heavier hand in dealing with anything that can be interpreted as harmful or divisional to the forum community. I agreed and promised to defend the forum at any cost.

I have and I will.

I promise you all this too, Project Avalon will not die. There are a great many good people behind us and are helping us with this situation. The new forum and re focusing of Avalon's direction in alignment with its original purpose will bring back the feeling we all remember so well.

I love you all and miss you.
Please have faith

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