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14 Chakras
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Default Re: Being humble - a key to eternity

Great thread, I completely agree ~ Being humble is indeed a Master Key to the kingdom of Heaven consciousness that is within us Now beyond the darkness / ego illusions covering it over...

To connect to Truth is to surrender all of our human beliefs and surrender completely, 100% to the 'still small voice within' that is truly the voice of the Divine within us that wants us to be truly Free rather than caught up in a conscious prison of our own making.

Be humble before the God flame within our Heart.

I love what Mudra said: Be humble by Being here Now. Be humble to the divine within the Now.

I suspect very much that should it come our day to speak all the way to the 'creator' of these spheres of creation, the individualization of All that IS that created this universe and spheres of creation, who has it's thrown in the Great Central Sun ~ we would find a most humble Being indeed.

Being humble to me doesn't mean being powerless, and it doesn't mean affirming our separation, Being humble means being humble before the seat of God in All Life and in every single human Being.

Surrender our beliefs, surrender our thoughts, surrender our desires to God within us in the Now ~

And the Pure in Heart shall inherit the Earth ~

P.S. Great discussion and comments from all ~
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