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Default Georgia

Hey ATL,

So if you are looking at this you are probably just as concerned as the rest of us and want some "local" people to meet with. There are a handful of us in Atlanta that I know are very aware of events. We have all studied a lot of information and have good resources to be the aware observer. We have backed up a lot of information that has been systematically destroyed on the net.

We have a couple of plans to start a community. Most of these plans involve leaving the Atlanta Metro area. Not all of us can do that, or rather will not do that until we feel we must.

Until such date arrives, we would like to meet those of like mind in ATL.

We desperately try to avoid "group think" as it is just another means of control.

We prefer spiritually wise associations. If you need guidance, we can provide suggestions through email.
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Default Re: Atlanta, ga

Hi there,

I am here and eager and willing to communicate and network. Am a lightworker of many years...all my life really. Just returned from Ecuador 2 months ago and found it to be everything George Greene said and more...Anybody wanna buy an intown home?
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Default Re: Atlanta, ga

Hello. I am about 35 miles north of Atlanta in Cherokee County. These are the hills that start into the mountains. Where exactly in Atlanta are you and how did you come to know about Camelot?


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Default Georgia

Husband-wife with mobile living vessel (schoolbus) looking for other nomads, or to possibly live in n.e. georgia mtns or middle ga. or southeast ga.

Husband is Hungarian, skilled carpenter, genius at practical things. we're flexible, love animals and ready to live in a sane island of love, creativity, mutual respect, harmony with nature, stretching ourselves to meet the shamanic moment.

Not sure how to go about this, but we're open to 'serendipity.'

Also, could be a roving group, as need be....
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Default Georgia

Please list all Georgia locations here.
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Default Re: Georgia

Hi, I live west of Atlanta and would be interested in a meeting. I know of several others here who would also be interested.
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Default Re: Georgia

Greetings my fellow brothers & sisters. I am XSIS & i am in Stone Mountain, GA.....It's so great to find people with like minds. I just joined today & i need to look around a bit. So So happy that Bill & Kerry opened a forum, only great things will happen from this.
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Default Re: Georgia

Hi, Gainesville GA here.
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Default Re: Georgia

Thanks for news
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Default Re: Georgia

Augusta, GA here.
I have been attuned to Reiki I and II. I have 2, six foot copper frame pyramids that I use for meditation and intention work. I make and distribute Orgonite. I have gifted over 160 cell phone towers in the Augusta area, many substations, lakes, ponds, scottish rite center(masons building), the Augusta canal and the Savannah river. Over 600 Tower busters in the area over the past year. I have a Chem Buster in my back yard. I own all the equipment for healing with the "Bob Beck Protocol". This includes making colloidial silver, ozonated water, blood electrification and magnetic pulsing. The Beck protocol was originated for people to research if they can signifigantly reduce or place into remission the following: Aids, Cancer, Lupus, Lyme Disease. It works for many other problems associated with parisites(virus, bacteria, fungus).
Beck found that a few doctors at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the early 90's could cure aids with a small electrical shock. They patented a device that could be used inside the body. Beck found a way to do this outside the body with little to no side effects. PM me if you wish to know more about this. I am into alternative medicine and healing. I have been "Awake" for about a year and a half. I am fairly well versed in most things that have been supressed by the G0vt. If/when the economy crashes I will move to Lanexa, VA or Interlachen, FL as I am making payments on a mortgage currently and I don't have 126$K laying around to pay it off. If you have something that is broken and it is made by man I can fix or repair it. I have 5 months worth of food in my home. I still need to purchase seeds.
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Default Re: Georgia

Hello all, new member here. I'm in the Savannah, Georgia area. It's a great location to NOT ride out the end of the world. The following are things surrounding my home: ocean, power plant, 3rd largest shipping port in the US, Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Air Field, and the Georgia Air National Guard Wing, mind you, those three are all in separate locations. On top of all that, the road infrastructure is so under developed that they could block us in with almost minimal effort. So it doesn't matter what is coming in the future, this area is screwed. It's target rich and environmentally screwed. Sooooooooooooo...... The plan is to head west in the future.

We're currently planning/hoping to move prior to the end of 2012 for obvious reasons. The wife and I have a short list of potential future locations, including Texas and New Mexico. Actually those are the only states left on the list, all others have been eliminated for one reason or another. Hoping to get some good insight into where people are going, how they are living once they relocate, etc. Personally I'm still in awe from all the information I've found on this site alone.

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