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Default Quality American mooooosik;(A very limited selection-forgive me!).

I apologise for this but i feel moooosik is great and so substantial a way of communicating-the U.S. has and still does produce great moooooosikaroney!!lol.!
Styx;halfpenny,twopenny,what a riff and solo,complete with Gibson Explorer!

Styx:Miss America:

Kansas:Icarus,borne on wings of steele.

Journeyon't stop believin'!

Stone in love,great track!

Send her my love

R.E.M.: The great beyond.

Ive watched the stars fall silent from your eyes
All the sights that I have seen
I cant believe that I believed I wished
That you could see
Theres a new planet in the solar system
Theres nothing up my sleeve

(chorus 1)
Im pushing an elephant up the stairs
Im tossing up punchlines that were never there
Over my shoulder a piano falls
Crashing to the ground

And all this talk of time
Talk is fine
And I dont want to stay around
Why cant we pantomime, just close our eyes
And sleep sweet dreams
Being here with wings on our feet

(repeat chorus 1)

(chorus 2)
Im breaking through
Im bending spoons
Im keeping flowers in full bloom
Im looking for answers from the great beyond

I want the hummingbirds, the dancing bears
Sweetest dreams of you
Look into the stars
Look into the moon

(repeat chorus 1)

(repeat chorus 2 2x)

Im breaking through
Im bending spoons
Im keeping flowers in full bloom
Im looking for answers from the great, answers from the great
Im breaking through
Im bending spoons
Im keeping flowers in full bloom
Im looking for answers from the great, answers from the great, answers


Foreigner:That was yesterday.

Mountain:Nantucket sleighride.
The term "Nantucket Sleighride" was coined by the whalers to explain what happened after they harpooned a whale. The first harpoon was not intended to kill the whale but only to attach it to the whale boat. Then the whale would take off pulling the whale boat along at speeds of up to 23 mph (37 kmh). The whale would tire itself out, then the leading officer in the boat would use a lance and stab the whale until dead.

Nantucket Sleighride is Dedicated to Owen Coffin who was cabin boy aboard the whaler Essex, which was destroyed by a sperm whale in 1819. Owen ended up in the lifeboat with Captain Pollard, his uncle. Two other lifeboats also put out. During the next 3 - 4 months, the lifeboats separated. One was never seen again, but some of those on the remaining two boats were eventually rescued.
During those long months at sea (and on desert islands), many of the men died. The remainder eventually had to resort to cannibalism to survive. After the dead of natural causes were consumed, the men determined to draw lots to see who would sacrifice his life for the others. Owen Coffin ``won'' the lottery. The Captain tried to take Owen's place, but the youth insisted on his ``right''. The executioner was also drawn by lot. That ``winner'', another young man named Charles Ramsdell, also tried vainly to swap places with Owen. Again he refused. Owen's body kept the others alive for ten days (Captain Pollard refused to eat his nephew). Another man died, and his body kept Pollard and Ramsdell alive a few more days until they were rescued.

Jefferson airplane:Jane.

Lynyrd Skynyrd:Fray bird:

Aerosmith:Janie's Got a gun.

Guns 'n' roses:November rain.
Kings of Leon:Closer
I apologise i've only posted rock but it tends to get there-i love it and i thank you lot over the pond for being you lot of crazy,lovely people! lolCheers,and get some ales in!!Love,Wayne.(Mad Jack)lol.

A very brief selection; an eternity of music out there i wish i could hear it all now!!lol.
Peace and much beauty to your good selves.X.

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