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Location: NE Washington State on a mountain in A safe area.
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Default Washington

We have a community started in the mountains Angelite Center and are looking for others who want to be of service to others as part of the core group. We can be ready to welcome people in when times get bad. Our main focus here is a healing center with greenhouses and gardens to feed others.
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Default Northwest Washington - King/Snohomish County

Seeking Group, or those Willing to Create a Ground Crew Group within driving distance to the city for employment until working is no longer an option.

My skills are in Business Administration and Implimentation. You may not think this is needed, but it is a vital skill. All types of documentation, papers, instructions, recovery plans, maps, all types of paper things ARE going to be necessary. That is what I do. When a group is formed, I will be the "Go To Gal" for all group instructions, agreements, lists, spreadsheets of gathered supplies, food lists, members, resources, you name it, I will get it into a master database and keep it current and organized like our lives depend on it.

Professional Internet Researcher. Yup, I get paid to search the net and write reports, organize information, etc. Just tell me what to find and how you want it displayed to you in final form.

Office resources. Considering there may be an event that takes all electronic equipment down permanently, we need print documentation in binders. I have access to high-tech office equipment at my day job to make whatever we want. I can do this on my own dime. I can be a clearinghouse for information disbursement. I have enough paper to print whatever we want as many times as necessary for all members.

Currently working in the Real Estate Industry, FULL access to the MLS:
(can search for available properties for members, but can only provide Listing Numbers by your criteria as this is questionable use)

And one unique ability -- my username is derived from PITHY:
pith·y (pĭth'ē)
adj., -i·er, -i·est.
Precisely meaningful; forceful and brief: a pithy comment.
I have the uncanny ability to absorb something very complex and mirror (translate) that understanding/concept to others, condensed into a few sentences, with no loss of meaning--and to do that in a way they can understand within the limitations of linear thought and time.

To be extremely concise about this skill, I might explain the same concept to 3 different people in 3 different ways. The magic is that the words that come from within are EXACTLY what each person needed to hear with their ears or eyes to "get it."

Not sure how that is useful yet, but I know I am very good at it. Maybe I am a teacher or facilitator in the future. It's developed to a very high degree. I hope that I will find some way to use it to the Ground Crew.
CROSS LINKS from "Ground Crew Networking"

Wormhole's Thread 9-7-08

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Default Finding "Ground Crew" in Northwest WA

I am also interested in finding "Ground Crew" members. I am located in Bellingham WA. I am so glad Kerry & Bill created this resource.

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Post Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

I'll start this one!
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Default Re: Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

Checking in...
Thurston County

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Default Re: Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

Seattle area here

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Default Re: Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

Douglas County
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Default Re: Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

Anyone in Hillsboro Oregon? Taking a trip down there soon. Need a contact for ground crew in case things get ugly while I'm down there.
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Default Re: Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

Shelton Washington here
I`m about 30 mi north of Olympia
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Default Re: Pacific NW-- Oregon & Washington

Northeast Washington state up on a mountain
just checking in I have started a community here. Angelite Center
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Default Washington

Please list all Washington locations here.
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Default Re: Washington

When it comes to the water front area of Puget Sound and boating, call on me.

Posted from the Pacific North West Ground Crew area.

The reason I live on a boat is to be able to move about the Puget Sound area freely as I
want. We can get away from cities quickly and into remote areas. Our boat is a very
unique barge type of houseboat, called a power scow. The bottom part of the boat is
made of "cast ferocement" 2 1/2" thick. There are three sections for the hull that are
bolted together, the front two are cast cement hulls, and the back section is made of
wood and fiberglass. The cast cement hulls are easy and inexpensive compared to all
other building mediums. They can be cast in many sizes. While they are not fast going
through the water, hereon Puget Sound, we can use the tides and winds to help us and
conserve fuel. Our boat has three levels forward and two and a half in the back, which
gives us about 1,200 sq. ft. of usable floor space. Those high sides are a great sails too.
LOL Pictures in the profile photo area.

Our 22 foot sailboat with 10 hp. motor are alongside, and 16 foot work skiff with a 40
hp. motor too. Besides 2- 8 foot sailing / rowing boats and 2 small kayaks. Along with a
couple cars and an old 4wd jeep.
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Default Re: Washington

Greenlake area here.

I work on boats at lake union and surrounding areas.

I am always willing to help those in need.

Network with me via PM pls.

*no soliciting*
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Default Re: Washington

I am in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood, north of Greenlake.City of Seattle. Older, but very handy, creative, and great at problem solving.

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Default Re: Washington

Hi all,
I'm up in Whatcom County, in the Kendall area, just 6 miles from the border. Being senior in years, I may not be able to contribute a lot of physical labor any more, but I have a lot of knowledge to share: gardening, food preserving, existing on limited economic resources, etc. I moved up here 8 years ago from Arizona, and have an overwhelming sense that this is where I must be, even though away from my family. I'm a bit of a loner, but would welcome the opportunity to build "community" with others who are aware of the momentous changes upon us, and who care about others. My deep spirituality holds fear at a distance.
Sure look forward to knowing each of you a lot better as we work together to find out way through all of this.
Love and Light
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Default Re: Washington

Hi all,

im from the edmonds area. im currently in california, but there is the possibility crap could hit the fan when im visting the NW. if thats the case, its always good to have a network. mainly, i just want to know that there are others out there who are aware things could get really bad, really soon.

before i moved to cali, i spent quite a few years in the mountains. i am by no means an expert on that topography, but i have learned a few tricks.

out of curiosity, has anyone seen the updates on project camelot?

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Default Re: Washington

Hello Neighbors!
Pacific Northwest Ground Crew here (check our thread!) just saying hello and inviting you to be a part of organizing a gathering of common spirit. Please drop me a hello if you are interested or if you know of other threads that should be informed. Thanks )

Peace of Mind,
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Default Re: Washington

Puyallup, Wa. here. Ready and waiting for a meet up!
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Default Re: Washington

Tacoma checking in -
peace and love!
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Default Re: Washington

Greetings all great beings of the Pacific Northwest! Looking forward to connecting with like minds. Am residing in Federal Way (right between Tacoma and Seattle).
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Default Re: Washington

NE Seattle here. If ***** breaks out, Seattle will be the LAST place I want to be. I will be heading to Montana if need be.
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Default Re: Washington


Peace to all,
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Default Re: Washington

Bonney Lake, WA here. But Im usually all over the place between Seattle (where I work) and Tacoma (where I play roller derby.)

I guess if the situation arose, id probably say I have these to offer:

1. Entertainment. I sing, I dance, I draw, art of all kinds, I can act, Tell jokes, be a merry-maker if you will. And We might'n be needin that if the "worst case scenario" brings us down. OH, and as a disclaimer, the offered entertainment DOES NOT come with the word "adult" attatched to it. LOL. If your lookin for hookers-n-blow, your walking down the wrong alley.

2. Spirituality. I can help you with it if you need it. Some of us might need to turn to spiritual Ideas to get us through all this mess. But I can do it without the awkwardy-ness and the god-jargon. (Yep. Makin' up words as I go. Thats how I roll, LOL) Anyhow, many people have told me that I am good at getting the ideals across in a non-weird and easy to understand way. So that can be of service, i guess, if someone needs it.

3. My husband is a certified trainer for MMA/Combatives. He has taught me a lot of it, which I MIGHT be able to pass along. Or I can just bring him! LOL. He is military trained (highly) and been to 2 tours over in the sandbox so my house has an un-ending plethera of useful goods and hardware and boxes of M.R.E.'s.

4. I also have dirt bikes that do not run on electrical starters. So if we need easy transport if something bad happens, I got a big A$$ gas bottle and 4 motorcycles.

5. I also have LOTS and LOTS of guns and ammo. I have 3 guns and my hubbs has 2 (2 of which are assault rifles with scopes, 2 are handguns, one is just a 22 rifle, but itll get the job done i guess, LOL). And We have at least 2,000 rounds of ammo. BONUS!

I also play roller derby. So if theres a job that needs to be physically done, im not a total waste of space. I can even fight pretty well, too. I dont WANT to but if it comes down to it, I can knock a dude or two unconsious, hahaha....

...thats all I got, LOL.
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Arrow Re: Washington -Intro to Integral Sustainability

The Northwest Environmental Education Council presents:
Intro to Integral Sustainability
Accelerating the path to ecological sustainability with the Integral Model

Course ID: SUST-302
February 28, 2009, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.
Northwest Environmental Training Center
650 S. Orcas Street, Suite 220 :: Seattle, WA 98108

Instructor: Alan Seid, Director of Training, Cascadia Training & Mediation
Sandra Poulson, Principal, RealTrust Consulting

Integral Sustainability provides a practical framework to diagnose and prescribe policies and initiatives that create more sustainable businesses, institutions, social policy, grassroots movements, public health, and environmental quality. The Integral Framework is a holistic model that maps the interior and exterior aspects of sustainability, barriers to program effectiveness and implementation, and approaches to overcoming those barriers. Integral Theory is a meta-theory that draws from the knowledge and wisdom of numerous sources ranging from cognitive theory to spiral dynamics. It is a “theory of theories” that holds the potential to revolutionize the sustainability movement by helping with program design and achieving long lasting results. This one-day workshop will provide participants with an overview of affective concepts, tools and processes to foster sustainable thinking, behavior, and systems. Participants will learn how to develop new approaches to their projects & programs that increase their success in unprecedented ways. Participants will receive a new set of perspectives for increasing their personal, programmatic, and organizational effectiveness.

Course Topics:

Overview of Integral Concepts & Tools:

* Overview of Integral Theory Components (Holons, Quadants, Lines, Levels, States, & Types)
* nature, Nature, and NATURE
* Relativism Gone Wild & the Mean Green Meme
* Holarchical Environmental Ethics: 3 types of value: depth, instrumental, & ground
* Integral Change Agency
* The I.O.U. Principle - Incomplete or Uncertain
* BMI - The Basic Moral Intuition
* Pre/Post Fallacy
* Subtle Reductionism & Retro-Romanticism
* Oppressive Structures vs Liberating Structures
* Depth vs. Span
* Integral Multi-Lingualism (Integral Social Marketing)
* Integral Sustainability Case Studies
* Integral Spirituality, ascending and descending currents
* ILP - Integrated Life Practice

(NOTE: We will cover as many of these topics as time and participants’ interest permits. We intend to cover them all!)

After completing the course participants will:

* Understand the Basics of the Integral Framework & Integral Sustainability
* Have the Ability to Analyze Sustainability Initiatives and Social Change Situations through multiple perspectives offered by the Integral Framework
* Communicate their work in a way that people with different values will be receptive to (time permitting)

Materials: Participants will receive copies of course notes and reference materials.

About the Instructors:

Alan Seid grew up bilingual/bicultural in Mexico City, Mexico, until the age of 14. He self-designed an interdisciplinary undergrad major in Sustainability and graduated in 1993. Since then he has developed an expertise in tools, skills, processes, practices & methodologies for sustainable and integral living. Alan began studying Integral Theory in 2000 and has presented the Integral Framework and consulted with numerous individuals. He is currently living on Bodhi Creek Farm, a 25-acre sustainable living center, which he owns and operates with his wife and two children.

Sandra Sault Poulson is principal of RealTrust Consulting. Sandra’s practice develops leadership and organizational capacity to achieve sustainability. Sandra employs integral/whole systems design methods to help leaders design projects and programs that integrate sustainability into organizational strategy and culture. Sustainability work requires a broader net of inclusion. Sandra is a partner, coach and facilitator to individual leaders who are implementing multi-stakeholder collaborative processes, communities of practice, group events/retreats and leadership development to integrate sustainability into their organization.

What to Bring: Pen or pencil, coffee mug, and a water bottle (to reduce waste). Please wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the prevailing weather. Drinks and snacks will be provided each day.

Registration: $95/65* (* For nonprofits, Native American tribes, government agencies, students, NEBC and NWAEP members). You may register online or by calling the Northwest Environmental Education Council at 206-762-1976.

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees are fully refundable up to 30 days prior to the event and 50 percent refundable (or 100% credit) thereafter up to 3 business days prior to the event. No refunds are issued for cancellations occurring less than 3 business days before the start day. Course registration fees and cancellation policy are subject to change without notice.

Disability Accommodations: To request disability accommodations, please contact us at info@nwetc.org or (206) 762-1976 at least 30 days prior to the event.

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