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Ravens and Doves
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Default GOP wins Kennedy seat - BUT Mass & Cali are still BLUE

On the news now, a Republican is calling his win in New England a "Great vistory!"

I'm sorry, but 54 to 47 (or whatever the close marigin was), is NOT a "great victory." It's all about campaingning and that means timing, advertizing and that means $$$ and... we all know the ticks and tocks of ploitricks.

One of the banners whats-his-name waved was the Obamaesque "CHANGE" thing. Change to what? (Change from forward to backwards?).

While I'm on the soap box, I'd like to add a plug for California left-of-center voters. Prop 8 (defining marraige as male to female and blocking state-wide legal lesbian-gay marraige) won by a narrow marigin, also. 10 or 20 years ago it would have lost. Like in San Francisco, North Hollywood's local council voted for legal gay marriage in a 30 to 1 majority.

I don't want to sound like a liberal red-neck, but 100% of the native and/or east caost and Euro/Far East immagrants don't feel that the institution of traditional marraige is threatened by life style choices others make. It's the milloins of recent, largely Catholic transplants who are affraid to go against the conservative Christian grain. If it wasn't for that gaint CA voting block, Prop 8 would not have passed.

Here's a public service clip from that Baywatch actress I had a tacos with:


She has UN links and has tea with the upper class, but does that make her an agent for the NWO? Her population control activism DOES NOT involve the murder of innocents. One of the most powerful ways to change a system is to change it's ways... from the inside. No?

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no caste
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Default Re: GOP wins Kennedy seat - BUT Mass & Cali are still BLUE

Paul - Lots of great info. I get the Washington Post newsletter and read that the Dems were nervous about that one. Oh well. Easy come, easy go. Also, what's the big problem for all people, with same sex couples loving and committing to one another? Love is NOT the problem!! Catholic transplants, hmm. Not a lot of live and let live there. What's with the universal (in the head) nature of that institution?

Where I am, it can be Christian red neck. I've heard straight people *cry*, really cry, that their own heterosexual marriage is less meaningful, because gay couples can also marry. I don't get it. Not sure what is going on in the heads and hearts about it. What does it matter what other people do? Is it just nosiness?

Population control activism is a reality. What can ya do.
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