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Default Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

No matter where you go, there you are.

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Default Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

Originally Posted by clarkkent View Post
this doesnt have much to do with the thread but i watched "baraka" again and this part always makes me sad


Baraka is indeed a fantasic video.
That clip reminds you that no matter how bad some of us here have things, we're still 100 times better off than many,many,many others on this planet.

You know why the Elite detest us? Because so few of us realise this and even fewer do anything about it.
They mock our ignorance imho. They actually hate us for not hating them. Ironic isn't it?
If you were to meet one of the "PTB" they would at least admire and respect you. It's my opinion that they want a world of people like this when they come crawling out of their holes. Even more ironic is that I won't be in a mood for forgiveness.

As for staying, well I already made my move a long time ago. I've got a decent place with what I need and plenty of decent folk nearby. I'll take my chances here.
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Default Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

Originally Posted by clarkkent View Post

is it service to others if you abandon everything you know and who you love to go to some remote place and hope you dont die? or is that service to self?
earth has many different futures and realites, why choose the most damaging one? why give your energy to it? -kyle

Brilliant point. I think I'm gonna stay with the fam and friends and help them as much as possible, before I worry about saving my own skin and moving to some hidden corner of the earth.
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Default Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

I find it interesting that the "nordic blondes" are the biggest proponent that this event is 100% going to happen. i find it interesting that the people warning of us of this seem to me to be what amounts to a future version of hitler's "master race"
-has no one else noticed this? why arent future black people or indian people or asians telling us this? why are "nordics" telling us there will be no "ascension" yet crop circles imply that that we WILL-as do some "light beings" other people have been contacted by.

"There is so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the best of us
that it ill behooves some of us
to talk about the rest of us"!

If they are tall, bonde and nordic looking SO WHAT?!

There are NO races or peoples that have not committed atrocities against others. It is just that for the last sixty years Hollowood and others have hammered and pounded away on Germans as if they and ONLY they were "EVIL".
I saw Germany right after the war and I assure you, that whatever they might have done, when that war was over, they had paid!!!! If anyone had been "holocausted" it was the German civilian population.

Let us hope that that part of the paradigm will shift also!

Concerning safe areas, I just wish, they would be a little more specific. It is not much use to Europeans to be told, that there is some obscure place in the States called "the four corners" that is safe, since we do not have a hope in hell of getting there.
It may be primitive to wish for physical safety, but OK then I am primitive. I want safety, particularly for my loved ones. So it would be very convenient, if the "tall nordics" would come out and say precisely, WHERE on each continent their shelters are, if that is not too much trouble.


P.S. Incidentally I happen to be "tall, blonde and nordic looking" myself (but not German) and I certainly never holocausted anyone nor do I have the slightest intention to hurt a fly if I can help it in any way.
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Thumbs up Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

On the one hand, if our home sells, we will move to a radiant zone. On the other hand we have an oceanfront home, and if it is taken by the sea maybe we have the best of the deal. To move to radiant zone after losing most of the population and have a waterworld type existence may the Worst of times. Can you really imagine being thrown back, to that level of life, with the world perhaps dying an interminable Stink? What kind of a life is that. I'm not sure I desire such an existence. What ever Creation has in mind for me, well I'm fine with that. Maybe its a blessing to Not Uproot ,and go with the rest of the family, who has no belief in any of these changes.. Im not even sure, I do, although on most levels I do. Im not sure its a gift, to be the Core Group, left to carve existence, out of a cesspool, should it all go to pot.. If it all goes bad then its gonna be a real trial, to stay alive, a little group slowly dying, from radiation ,hunger, etc.. Maybe a blessing to be Harvested instead. It's really not up to us. Be rest assured, all will be were they are supposed to be, and all will bear, whatever they have reaped. Just allow Creation to cradle you, as it has been caring for you since your creation here. No Worries. You can't make a mistake. We will all be were we should be as we all have been were we should have been since our arrival here.. 'Let go' and enjoy your moments here. None of us know, to a man, if perhaps this is Your Last day here this very night. We are all leaving here, one way or another. There are no survivors in life. What's the phrase? Oh Yeah...'Two sure things.. Death & Taxes' I'm up for whatever I get delivered to my door. It's been a grand Ride, and I wouldn't have traded one moment of it for anything. Sure I'll see some of you after the Transition. Happy Trails Brothers.

Can you imaging 'no more' Markets, Toilet Paper, Drug stores etc. No more nothing? Does not sound to "radiant" to me. But if thats our fate that too could be a Grand Adventure. The New Grand Tour with Brian Sewell. It will all be pretty amazing, should it come to pass. Most of the time, I don't believe it. We shall see, if we last the night.

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