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Ace of Hearts
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Exclamation My Request to Bill & Kerry; ------Go on record with…

My Request to Bill & Kerry; Go on record with video format presentation.

>>Hi Bill, Kerry, for about 1 year and half I have been following your work very closely with Project Camelot; I have seen all of the video interviews and kept abreast of what is new. I recently joined as a member with Project Avalon and I want to personally thank you both for all the hard work you have done to make Project Camelot and Project Avalon the great success that it is.

My heart goes out to you both for your courage, perseverance, tenacity, and conviction to have made; I am sure a difference in many lives. There is no doubt in my mind that you both have “Awakened” many to their new reality!

My concern as of late is there is an increasing feeling of confusion & doubt concerning the Avalon forum on which direction it is heading for?

The once sweet grapes seem to have turned sour and are giving me a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth.

I believe some members/moderators have opened up a can of worm, “so to speak”, and have casted a doubt of doom and gloom, leaving behind a lingering feeling of “Deception and of being mislead”.

In order to set things straight and to reassure many members here, I ask that you both, Bill and Kerry go on record with video and a FAQ (Frequently asked question) format addressing your thousands of members.

I think by doing so you will regain the confidence in many and restore order to the Forum which it so desperately needs.

We of like minds like to think this is home and as such must feel the warmth and security of home.

I also have another suggestion, maybe I am asking too much but I think it would be for the greater good of all.

Why don’t you release a video perhaps once a month to summarize and / or highlight the main events that went on that particular month especially for the ground crew?

By doing so, members will get a sense of direction and will be kept up to date with the latest information and breaking news.

You both are the host and as such must make your presence be felt by all!!

Perhaps other members can add their 2 cents as well and to make other suggestions and/or give some advise to help get back on the right track?

Ace of Hearts
I Seek Truth, Peace & Purpose
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Ngai Te Rangi
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Default Re: My Request to Bill & Kerry; ------Go on record with…

Great idea Ace of Hearts. I'm sure Bill & Kerry may consider taking you up on this suggestion to help keep, and maintain equilibrium amongst the members on this excellent forum. There's so much more potential.
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Default Re: My Request to Bill & Kerry; ------Go on record with…

Hi ... I agree with most of Ace of hearts suggestions... (my Avatar similarity is an interesting coincedince too!)... I'm not sure if the gloom and doom aspects should be cortailed as this kind of energy needs to be released and not suppressed just like the possitive or it might simmer below surfaces and then become more potent and influencial...also thats not good for the person needing to voice it and work through it. It also helps others of a more positive nature to polorise thier own thoughts and vibrations. I think one of the biggest lessons we can learn here is how to listen to our own hearts and descern. But I have noticed some confrontational responses that seem to attack the person who left the post rather then debate the issues at hand which i feel is not very bennificial to the site or the topice being discussed.

but by no means should Avalon censor unless the information is harmful to any in individual or individuals. I personally am new to this kind of Foram but when I first discovered Project Camelot and then Avalon... I got such a sence of relief and excitment as I feel they are so insightful and decent and very important for our planet at this moment in time. Well done Bill and Kerry I think in the future you will be appreciated and recognised on a much wider scale for your brave heart felt and mind expanding work.

Ace of hearts idea of a monthly video with the over all direction and some analysis of the better threads might be combersome for you both but very interesting for the rest of us.... Cheers Antonia
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