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Default Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

A series of dreams and astral projections lately, latest the one from last night has made me wonder who are really the 'good' guys.. or the very least if the 'bad' guys so trumpeted everywhere are really so bad after all. I've met few of them lately and all of them were quite neutral and seemed to have their own neutral agenda (in some cases it greatly empowered humanity). Some of them in fact radiated a lot of light out of them and I was astonished to see that they are allied with the 'horned god'

We know how the illuminati and TPB have worked humanity up so far. Everything that is positive for the growth of humanity has been demonized (pun intended) and everything that is negative for the growth of humanity has been glorified.

We know the oldest story in 'the book'.. A certain powerful being creates humans, and the second most powerful to him is then cast out of power because it shares knowledge with humanity, the so called bringer of light .. Lucifer.

More and more it seems that the christian god is actually the one that has been keeping humanity in darkness, and Lucifer is the one that has been trying to break that darkness by bringing light.

I researched this matter into more depth today and found that the word demon did not receive its 'evil' meaning until later in history. In the ancient civilizations it used to mean a neutral divine being that could either be good or evil.

I am starting to see that what we call demons are in fact a race and level of beings in their own right, who are as diverse as any race can be.. and it is completely racist to cast them all into one basket as nothing but 'evildoers'. Its actually pretty straightforward.. any enemy of the church is my friend.

Any 1st hand experiences on this matter? It bugs me greatly that all major religions try so hard to put away people of contacting and working with the so called 'demons'... there must be something to it that we are not allowed to see.
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