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Worlds Beyond 2
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Default Hopi Flying shields.... UFO's/End times

Found this, my sincere apologies if already posted elsewhere...


the last paragraph particularly interesting:

"In 1998 the radio talk-show host Art Bell interviewed two Hopi elders who stated that their very distant ancestors knew how to travel to other planets. They also said that during the End Times, we would be visited by 'people outside' the Earth who have an advanced technology."

"Many Hopi wisdom keepers believe that the increased presence of flying shields signals the end of the Fourth World, or our current era. In conjunction with Biblical prophecies of the apocalypse, the kachinas or star elders may be trying to warn us of this dire state of affairs. By listening to these entities throughout the ages, the Hopis living on their isolated mesas have long known the global fate that now seems imminent. Some of the signs and portends are in the skies. We need only look up."
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Worlds Beyond 2
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Default Re: Hopi Flying shields.... UFO's/End times

Am not sure if this should be in PA or PC? as is UFO and End times and Hopi? Mods, feel free to move as you feel appropriate!
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Default Re: Hopi Flying shields.... UFO's/End times

Here is also a nice description about the Four Hopi Worlds:
This Four Worlds story fits perfectly into the story of the Bible and even into the story of the Lord of The Rings! Incredible!

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