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Default Maurice Cotterill

Hope I got his surname right. I have read a few of his books and just looked at the 3 hour video a member suggested. He is a very intelligent man, bright but by gee there were a few statements he made on that vid I didnt feel comfortable about at all, and then on Jeff Rense's program he said he was wrong about a couple of his previous thoughts, studies. I believe in reincarnation for sure, but some of his theories on and statements on that made my eyes pop, were Unbelievable, just didnt sit right with me, but anyway everyone to their own opinion.

To the ETs up there, keep deneutralizing those rotten little things down here and make everything safe, we have done enough damage to everyone and everything as it is. I'm still made about the hurt still being done by the whales and the dolphins. I'll have to speak to Mr Fulford about that. Japan and all that.
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