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Richard T
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

Hello franzBardon, how are you doing.
I too am finding pleasure in this conversation.

measure as in the process of estimating the magnitude of an individuals experience of reality vs. that of the non-reality?
In the sense that humanity is always fed with a truth first. This makes the receiver susceptible by opening his mind. Then, what follows, may be a savant mixture of truths and lies, tied together to keep the channel open.

now, if one were to look at the definition of disinformation in most, if not all, western dictionaries they would see that disinformation is the deliberate act of an individual to disseminate deception to another to: prevent, dissuade, mislead, and redirect them to one's own course of action. would not this definition be more conducive to your statement regarding these malevolent forces you ty to describe? is it not the case that by forces you mean entities? so again for clarification purposes we need to have a common understanding with regard to who or what these forces are.
I am talking about the invisible.
I consider the human being as a channel to forces who has not yet taken possession of its psychic territory.
The ego identifies to what energy it supports.
The psychic forces that occupy the psychic territory will vibrate to what is said that is in conformity to their agenda. Likewise, they will vehemently reject what goes against it.
This is why it was possible in the past to state that those who were not marked to know this or that would be blinded, even if they were told.
So long as the ego identifies to forces that occupy his territory and infiltrate the mind from what we call the subconscious, he gives them power over him.
If the ego would centre himself rather than staying at the periphery of his consciousness, he would stand as a pillar that cannot be influenced, neither from without nor from within.
This is a tour de force.

who controls the ego?
The ego is controlled by those forces that are at his origin. The forces that setup the experimental conditions of this planet. He is controlled by forces that interfere with his ability to question his reality, using thought forms to amplify the reflective process. They intervene by adjusting the thought forms to emotional states.
The ego cannot discern the nature of those forces because he identifies to them.
And his reality, who seeks to penetrate the psychic territory and restore the real identity cannot share the space with those forces.
It is the ego who must take a distance with what he felt was natural, with what he felt was his nature, and depersonalize it. Once depersonalized, they lose their hold and can less and less affect the ego.

what of prophecies, psychic premonitions, psychics, project looking glass? all disinformationists?
Not necessarily.
The disinformation has much to do with the interpretation. And interpretations are conditioned by human factors.
But as a rule of thumb, unless one has the ability to investigate the source, the real source, of information, which often does not lie with the man who speaks them but from beyond his mind, then he is safer to not believe.
Again, I am not saying that he should dismiss it, but to not believe. To not believe already is a self centering act that allows more objectivity.

i ask you what is the process by which one raises their vibration?
this is something very important for the reader to be attentive to.

if the law of correspondence is applied, we would see we (and all beings, entities), have the ability to create similar to our creator however, we differ given the density which we are at presently.
The process is a descending process. It is a two way street. The ego cannot increase the rate of his vibration by wishing it or by meditating on the idea. But... What he can do is depersonalize those energies to which he identifies and that lower his vibration.
When he does that, he gives to his source the possibility to penetrate his territory and that is what increases his vibration.
And the more this is done, the less he can be influenced by planetary vibrations and consciousness.

Man is a powerful being that has not yet fulfilled his mandate. He lost authority over the form because he became enamoured with the form. So long as he answers to the forces who occupy his territory, he cannot be allowed to create. These forces are forces of domination and they cannot be given a power that goes beyond what they already have. If man in matter was given the authority over the form, be a creator as people say, before he had the intelligence to discern what he is not and demonstrated the will to extirpate from his territory everything that he is not, he would become the absolute dominator.

And it is by figuring out what he is not that he will find what he is, because what he is will descend to meet and fuse with him.

What people call the forces of light and the forces of darkness cannot co-habitate in the same vessel.

For man to change density, he must first stop descending further into material consciousness. For him to access other planes of his reality, he must stop identifying with the dense consciousness. Man cannot elevate himself from dense consciousness without the work of what is already at the opposite of the spectrum and that is him, already, but not as he thinks. What he thinks proceeds from a dense materialized energy that he came to experiment. What he experiments is not him but he has been forced to identify to it.

the ACT of creating is a gift all created things, including human beings, have ALREADY been given. creating is a mental ACT which draws upon both the masculine & feminine natures within each being, entity, and thing. this exists on all levels of the material, mental, and spiritual planes.
I beg to differ on this item franzBardon, but in the following way:
Creation is always the manifestation of the source, the source being the first level of differentiation of the energy and that differentiation being his real identity. If a man is not manifesting the source, then he is manifesting something else. He is then manifesting from a will and intelligence that are not his.
If man manifests his source, he has already answered the riddle of his origin and of his destiny, where he is from, where he is and where he is going.

This means that when man holds the power of creation, he will be the source and the terminal. This is what I mean by integral. The integral being. This is also what I am pointing out in relation to the process of integration.
For the energy to fuse with the mortal, the work of construction of the various vehicles had to be completed. And we are just at the stage of completion of the descending vehicles. Now, those vehicles must be used to receive the energy of creation. And once this is done, he is both the source and the creation.

Man has not started his evolution yet. And it is only once he is evolved that he can start creative work. The power of creation cannot be handed over to a creature who takes itself seriously.

n example behavior, is measurable and can be changed thru the application of various behavior principles.
This is correct because people are predictable.
They are predictable because they conform to a mental architecture that is at the base of their civilization. This identification to that architecture means that people do not think what they want to think but they think what they can think. Once man is the manifestation of the energy of thought, rather than the conditioned form, he won't be predictable as he will instantly change his course and do what must be done rather than juggle with false choices that are just there in a game of opposition between needs and desires.

now, if we look to carl g. jung's biography, from what it appears you've borrowed from
I have not read Jung, but go ahead...

...he does not however, come to the conclusion that because he did not know his psyche , "no one else could. [know their own]
Jung was obviously an intelligent man.

i have yet to come across a text which arrives at the conclusion you state so i ask you where have you gotten this or
or how have you determined this?
The only things that can be determined are those thing that you do determine. Consciousness if very personal. And the future evolution will not, as it has been in the past, be a collective process.
This means that every person will be the expression of an absolute of reality and that each person will seek to build over and increase the access to 'knowledge' (I hate that word) of higher and higher vibration. This will be achieved by the verb that they will exercise.
If someone says 'I have had contact with a higher intelligence' that someone participates to the creation of forms from which some people may not be able to escape. The higher the vibration of the form, the more magnetic power it has over the mind. Which in turn makes a person believe he has attained a higher truth. Each illusion uncovers yet another illusion, more perfect in its form and more powerful than the previous.
It is each individual who will have to be the proof of his reality.
This means that what we say today is already obsolete when we are expressing again. We do not stop, trying to retain the memory, and go on forever increasing the level of access to reality as we speak, in the measure that we are allowed by those people with whom we interact.

human beings are conduits. it is our senses that allow us to recognize it's existence.
Humans are conduits, indeed.
Can you explain what you mean by "it is our senses that allow us to recognize it's existence"?

did man create love? we certainly ascribe attributes to it
Love is a fundamental energy. It is not created.
But, man will be the channel through which that energy will for the first time manifest consciously in the lower spheres. It is ironic, love today being such a caricature, totally distorded by the astral consciousness and diluted in a form of emotion.

did human beings create harmony?
when things harmonize are they in agreement?
what is the sensation (feeling), recognition of things vibrating together agreeably called? is that not love?
if all things vibrate together agreeably do they not ascend higher and higher? is this not the most powerful ability of created things?
Human beings answer to the laws of brotherhood until they answer to the laws of love.
Things that harmonize have a correspondence in vibration.
The sensation of things vibrating together agreeably is harmony, it is not love.
Things that vibrate together agreeably are quite content to remain in that state.
What does that state create? Harmony is not power, creation is.

Spiritual beings seek harmony. Interestingly, the forces behind creation use opposition to generate will.
Without will there is no creation. The soul is a contemplating force where the spirit is a roaring force.

would it not be more beneficial to just state the principles and laws which govern all things created so that human beings can recollect the knowledge (tools) to know them selves, evolve, and defend them selves from the suggested malevolent forces? it was mentioned previously that you had direct experience. i'm not sure what the means exactly. it is apparent to me that you have borrowed information from both psychology and other occult arts. may i ask what affiliations you have to any of the mystery schools?
This is a very interesting point you make.
There are the principles that govern all things created. And humanity is governed by these principles. These are the polarity of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, intelligence and will.
Getting to know those principles as they apply in the psyche and manipulate it with the illusion of free will may not bring the memory of the reality behind man, that reality residing beyond creation.
But it may allow man to recognize what is not him and to expell the residual implications of the laws of creation to restore his consciousness beyond the veil that these laws impose.
One such law is that who governs memory and the access to its archives and that is controlled by hierarchies who hold the key to various levels of vibrations of the information kept in those worlds. Archives are worlds in themselves.

Experience is important to the individual who lives it. Each individual has an experience perfectly tailored to fit his personal need for evolution, the same way that each person will be the perfect and absolutely personal expression of the reality he alone represents. This means that each person has a piece of the puzzle. But they may not know it at the same time. Man is a universal being. This means that his reality encompasses a sphere of consciousness that is a universe in itself, where intelligences evolve.

Let me give an example:
What we call the astral world, if it were viewed from outside its sphere, would be seen as a single intelligence.
Man does not belong to that sphere but is experimenting within that sphere. And so long as he is experimenting within it, he abides by its laws. Once man will have become, he will be the law. Then we can say that he creates his reality. And there has been at least one man who has done so.

I have no affiliation to any school of any kind.
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Richard T
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

Hello Izz.

Thoughts carry energy. They get charged with emotions to infiltrate the mental aspect, This gives thoughts, to which the ego identify, the power to sway his mentality in a struggle of desires against the needs of the spirit.

Question for you Izz:
If we are all of the same origin, why don't we all agree?
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

hi Richard .. ok i understand now

and in answer to your question .. i think we do all agree when we are aligned with our soul essences .. when we are aligned with harmony and the highest vibrations ... when we are cut off from it .. well you know the rest .. thats us
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Richard T
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

I agree with you Izz.

This is what constitutes collective mindsets. This is the foundation of cultures and thought systems.

I would define the allignment to a higher vibration as a step outside of collectivism and into individuation. Not individualism since that is based on egocentrism, a caricature of centricity.

So, to leave the collective mindset behind, a total transformation of the way people perceive their environment and their relationship with it must happen.

You cannot become different and remain the same.

You cannot ascend and still have your feet on the first step of the ladder.

Such a transformation implies all levels of consciousness that compose the psyche. None can remain intact.

So, to go back to Dr. Diggle's lecture, I found that there were too many elements based on psychology as a method of interpreting reality. To me, psychology is the source of disinformation within the mind. It is the false identity that lies constantly to itself to feel secure. It is a temporary scaffold to support a work in progress. So, a person who speaks from the point of view of his psychology necessarily disinforms. Not necessarily willingly, but through by psychological extension.

What is of interest to me at the moment is all the spirituality behind the messages. This is where many get caught. Spirituality is a process through which the individual gives authority to the invisible. There still will be some spirituality in the next evolution, but it will be brought to an extreme level of sensitivity, similar to that of the ancient Atlanteans, until that time when the mind passes to the supramental state and that the fusion process is far advanced.

In such a state, there is no spirituality because the mind is not in communion with but in fusion with. Man cannot love the invisible forever when his consciousness is aware of being on multiple planes at the same time.

At that point, the harmony that existed in a communion of experience of the soul is replaced with the manifestation, in matter, of universal will, intelligence and love. And the two are mutually exclusive like the reality of those three universal principles in no way resemble the psychological interpretation that the ego can make of them via his spiritual astral aspirations.

The next evolution will have no resemblance whatsoever with what was known in the past.
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

Thank you.
I felt a breakthrough, (for lack of a better word) while I was reading your experience & interpretations.
All of the experiences with "entities & spiritual forces" I have had since I was a child were defined by those who took me under their wing, and did their best to guide me, yet I always felt sort of trapped in those definitions. The expansion of my understanding was inevitable thanks to my vibration and my seemingly natural rebellion base. The struggle is alive and well, even when I am not minding it.
In regards to the Akashic Records, would it be safe to say that the Mandelbrot Set is exactly this?
Repetition of influenced thoughts creating boundary, however holographic.
Even in past life regressions, though I am observing and understanding, which enables a psychological "letting go," it is clear to me that there was never anything to let go of in the first place.
That it is only the ego that defines things, in order to attach & identify, lowering a vibration all together.

I had one week.
One week when I remembered & became everything. When I realized the illusion of division.It was as if i walked on air, on this plane.
That was in 95.
Going there in vibration now, is the most rewarding exhale I know.
I wish to be there longer.
I see & feel people, when detachment is suggested, there is an instant rejection & fear frequency.
When I am neutral, truly loving unconditionally, there is no result to desire.
There is simply that vibration and it has a pulse like life, only much bigger, fiercely profound, yet still, nothing.
Words diminish it.

Again, Richard, Thank you!
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Richard T
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

Hello Circlewerk.

Instead of saying that thoughts are influenced, I would rather say that they are acquired.

In the astral, you have various levels of consciousnesses. They float around based on their spiritual evolution and are compartmentalized. In these compartments, you have thought forms that are in suspension.

When an individual is into a set kind of vibration, he attracts a type of thought that is attuned to the vibration. The thought comes and connects itself to the mind tunnel. perfectly adjusted to the soul state.

The rate of vibration is affected by the emotional state. So, when you are in a black mood, black thoughts will connect, when you are in a positive mood, positive thoughts will connect.

But the spirit does not think. The vibration does not think. It radiates. Which means it expresses itself and communicates.

It will remain impossible for a human being to know anything for real so long as he can think. In other words, so long as he offers a connection to thought forms that in reality are not his own. All he will get are forms that are already in conformity to his impressions, influenced by his emotions.

This is why I say that the thought process must be replaced with a two way communication process. And for this two way communication process to be dependable, one must have tested its validity. In other words, he must not have taken the quality of the communication as granted.

One day, people will realize that not believing means not believing even what they will have thought as being divine in the communication.

Man on Earth must become totally autonomous of mind and spirit. This is what the hierarchies of light want. They do not want a servant, they want an equal. And this explains why it will take 2500 years for the next evolution to be completed. Man has way too much spirituality in him, in other words, way too much love for the invisible. And during his initiation, he will be coached by his counterpart in a way that he will find so hard and unjust that he will have no choice but to explode his mind into its power.

Man will have to equalize his relationship with the planes of reality. For that, he will have to realize in an absolute way that the planes are not above him but are part of him.

One wonders how long is required for man to have his head held in a bucket of excrements and have enough. And so long as a man can hold someone else's head in a bucket of excrements, he is participating to his own loss. He is dominated by a force that has tamed him. And the forces will have to be tamed.

Man cannot remain an intelligent animal on a leach. He must come to know everything related to his construction. He must know about his reality. He must realize that thoughts are not what he thought they were and depersonalize them.

The process that leads to integration is not a part time process through which one thinks and once in a while receives communications.

When a man enters a communication process with the other planes of his reality, it is because he is being initiated to his reality and by his reality. The thought process is a definite item that is on the destruction list and he has no choice but to centre himself.

Thoughts only evolve with the evolution of the rate of vibration. So, in reality, thoughts do not evolve but it is the quality of consciousness that does, since thoughts are always adjusted to the quality of the receiver.

So, more intelligent thoughts are fed the channel based on the evolution of the entity in incarnation.

But thoughts never go beyond where the incarnate is already at. They are always limited to the quality of reflection that itself is limited by the memory of the experience. So, there is nothing to know by thinking. It is indeed a loop that only feeds back on the state of mind, that enforces the reflection on memory.

Thoughts are a limit because one cannot think what he wants. Worse than that, when in difficult times, the impressionable ego is lowered in vibration and thoughts that reflect this are of no help. It is easy to be intelligent when things are going right. But being really intelligent when things are going wrong is where the real need lies. Thoughts are of no help there. The more a person is stressed with insecurity, the less thoughts are intelligent, because the individual is losing the little identity he has even more.

And in the coming times, we will need all the intelligence we can muster. Not useless babble that constantly comments on insignificant items of a day's experience, as if it gave us insight on what we did not already know(edit: Talking about thoughts here, not what people say. )

It is not what we think we know that is important.

Experiences like the one you are describing are there to bring the realization that there is more to reality than is accounted for. These experiences are made to happen by us on another plane. They are not triggered by us on this plane. But the soul wants to repeat the experiences it has found pleasant, being a creature of memory. The spirit is silent as long as it gives the soul authority over his path, until the day that he has enough of accumulating memories and experiences.

Then, the experimental phase is over.

Everyone lives an experience at one point or another of his life. But the consciousness of the race is quick to bring them back to 'reality'. Eventually, they believe that they were imagining things.

Last edited by Richard T; 10-06-2008 at 09:18 AM. Reason: Precision on the intent.
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

The Powers that be want a NAU and if there is gonna be another falseflag attack on our soil it will serve a purpose 2-5 fold. They want to change all shipping to go to mexico and thus come up to US and canada thru a nafta highway. If I had to guess I'd say that any attacks would be on ports so as to facilitate the need for implimenting thier design, therefore LA port , Portland Or, Seattle WA, for the west coast. I don;t believe that thier will be a nuclear event but a haarp induced earthquake would be more what I would expect and I do expect that. I myself live near portland OR and am going camping monday the 6th to away from Portland, if its financial Ill go back if something awefull happens Im heading east toward north east Idaho and nw montana. I really dont put a lot of thought to anything Dr Deagle says because he is always 3 steps behind what is being said on the net and almost always is a culmination of things already being posted and awhat is bible prophecy. he seems to try to capitalize on them. Sorry I have bad vibes about Deagle. I have read a lot of bad things about him and if half are true than I have to throw his views away just out of suspicion and I dont want to be led astray by someone like that. just saying
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

Interesting and uplifting discussion here. It's great to see these blessings come out of this.
My first thoughts about Deagle's call was there are thought forms some how involved. I have watched Deagle's videos and visited his site before. I couldn't really put my finger on what was bothering me about this call or his message in general. It came to me, I feel powerless whenever I hear him speak.
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Wink Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

addalight your message was posted at 11:11 so I will have to agree. lol

There is something rather dark there like the man's soul is suffering.

Send him love and healing.
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Default Re: Comentaries on Dr. Deagle's conference

we can forget Deagle prediction or vision, check out his video from Grenada forum
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