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Sideshow Shaman
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Default South Florida - Gulf Coast

Hi all,
With the forum outages & possible dissolution going on, the time seems right to see about establishing real world connections.

Forums come and go. It is very rare for me to even join them, let alone meet so many others whose experience i can learn from. But Camelot/Avalon has been different than other forums I've seen in the past. Maybe it's a symptom of consciousness evolving in general.

So here is a plan. A meetup in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Café Bohemia. Every wednesday St. Pete for Peace hosts a free film screening at the Café Bohemia. The film screening is done in the courtyard outside, usually plenty of seating. The atmosphere is properly infused with activism & alternate viewpoints. The cafe has food, drinks, beer & wine.

Sometimes I go there to see the films. This wednesdays (March 3) feature is a comedy titled "In The Loop". If anyone is interested PM me or comment below. Next week (March 10th) the feature is Zeitgeist, which should make for a fun audience discussion afterwards.

I am also open to meeting anywhere south of St. Pete/Tampa. It's just that movie night at Café Bohemia seems like a natural fit.
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