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Default Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movie

I just got back from watching this movie adapted from the book The Lightening Thief. Not that I liked it that much, but I'm asking people to go see it. I was looking for symbols in the movie, and I wasn't disappointed. First, I saw in the training camp when they were having a war game, one side wore red plumes on their helmets, the other wore blue! Interesting. Then in one scene at the pool, there was this big S prominently in the scene. It looked more like half a swastika than an S. AND FOR THE BIG FINISH, the hero and his helpers took a ride (teleported) to Mt. Olympus in a JUMP ROOM! Elevator!

There are more symbols, but I think these will be enough to report on.

Nice to know they're trying to tell all of us, if we were demigods, which we're not, we could do this, too, NOW!!!
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Default Re: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movie

I watched the show. There definitely is a lot of symbolism in there. The part where the main actor "wakes up" from his stupor and stops eating the cakes in the casino, and the whole casino environment itself showing how fakey everything is.

Also, the door way to Hades (Hell) in Hollywood, and the fact paper money has no use, but rather gold coins to get a transport over to Hades (maybe a prediction of the end of paper money).

And many many more....
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