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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

DREAMING ~ an idea
ask the ONES, who are in 100% alignment
with your missions/purposes/and, tasks,
to only be allowed
in your dream_time,
the ones, that are in complete,
and, total alignment
with you
wise men/and, wise woman, tell us, to dream on things
and,then wait to see what comes through

you can go visit it in dream_time

we can help you with that

in the dream-time
properly protected
you are, much more real,
than you are,
in your 3D-9D walking around,
and, conscious state


yes, that google earth adventure,
(on this post, is to a lot of old/and,
hot spots, and, it is fun & interesting !!!

many beings come/and, talk to us in our sleep !!!


ABOUT cutting chords...
NEVER CUT ANY chords/or strings
without first asking,
is this in 100% alignment with me

the golden/or silver - or rainbow strings

they anchor into your higher self / essence, and, monad

(1/2, and, 3)
(4/5, and, 6)
(7/8, and, 9)

a comment about ra/
the original teachings were 7D,
now, RA -or AR (aka 91 or 19)
are into 9th Density


if you are going to consider 6th density-
be sure, to lace your boots,
on both the left/and, the right side
and, blend the unified, and,
united aspects of your divine masculine/and, divine feminine
otherwise, you will end up
on a 6th density 'left' side - of the path
(and, then, you will have to double back
to move thru 4/5/6-on the right side)
no matter what,
you will need to groom your 1/2/3 - physical -emotional-and, intellectual
and, once you graduate that
move that, into your
4th etheric body
5th low astral
and, 6th high astral

there are ways, to do this, that are simple !!!

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

a simple way,
to get rid of things, that try to chord/or plug in etc.,

everytime you get into the shower/or bath

ask, that anything, that is NOT in 100% alignment with YOU
get eloctrocuted !!!

also, you can create
waterfalls, of first red/then, blue - and, blended into purple
over, all the sides of your home
that flow up, through the middle
and, in each of the 4 major directions
this way, you cover, above, too
and, ask, for a pool of water, to be created at the foundation level
and, that way, you cover below too
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger


Originally Posted by ojibway View Post
13, huh.
even the oldest native blankets, had 12 pointed stars
(with a core - and,a frame around them) being the 13th spot
we'll say more on this, on our other thread
(kulkulkan-spelled KULKULKAN IS OUR main guide,
he is, the forever grandfather)
and, we are a part of a council,
three of Thirty-Three (33)

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
Not sure that I understand what you mean.

Why are there more of 'something' to a body? ??
You are a complex being
you have 13 consciousness units, NOT just 1

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post

Do you mean that people have other entities attached to them? Like parasites? Parasitic guides or misguides?
Do you mean that there are other Souls, more than one, living in peoples body's?

yes, there are many people on earth,
who have more than one soul, within one body
also there are piggybackers-some of them,
are NOT bad, they are curious,
and, try to come along with you for your ride.
And, then, there are some,
who are like vampire, and, suck out your life force

you are, what iT is, you choose to allow

sure, another person can get them off you,
albeit, if you do NOT actively work,
to keep them off you, they return, and, return,
over and, over again
thus the importance, of you doing the work

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
Do you mean there are different Souls to a body at each level???
Yes, there are different graduations to what you are
1-3d is a good example
4d-6d is another - however, you do NOT want to be on the wrong side
of a 6th density harvest, with only one side of your boots laced,
so, just the left side is laced, there is a right side too,
and, an importance of blending - right/and, left

at the 7th density levels - eXists,
your higher self - as, well, as, your low causal body

at the 8th density levels - eXists
your essence - as, well, as your mid causal body

and, at the 9th density levels- eXists
your monad - as, well, as your high causal body

and, an eXtender, that can bring into play
your future self ~ it can be blended
with the equation of all, that you are

you are 13 aspects ~ and, it is quite possible to anchor them all

do NOT fall prey, to 6th level harvests, on the left side

or, that RA, is a 6th density being, that is NOT true,

RA was, a 7th density compleX being, and, has grown
through, his 8th, and, 9th density eXpressions

ra thread is closed ???
ra is NOT an 6th density being -(somewhere we read on pa/pc)
that they were a 6th density, that isn't right,
they were 7th density being , when the orig. stuff came through,
and, are now, expanded, and, expressing 9th compleX density
RA is 91 (10)- AR is 19 (10)
kind of like isis 9191/10-10

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post

9 density levels of earth? Is that the same as the 'Council of Nine'?
There is a council of nine + 1 = or Ten - NOT GOOD PEOPLE
originally, there was, 1, who became 3
and, then, as word got out, about what they were doing,
they chipped in; others, chipped in, as, meaning,
had to make them, part of the plan
eventually; they became 9 - and, had to hire a 10th
to keep the 9 of them HONEST - not easy, for dishonest people
to try to be honest, with themselves

if you picture a pin, and, you try to picture,
many people trying to climb up it, to sit upon the pinnacle
of a pin head - when a pin, is dirty/and, greasy,
you might realise, the humour, behind this group,
of very few, who believe, they hold the potential,
to control the many ~ when 3 could fit around a table,
they were dangerous, now, it takes too many,
to fit around one table, and, is almost impossible to do,
the pin, is very dirty/and, greasy,
and, very soon, many of them,
are going to lose, their footings,
and, fall ~ you have likely heard the eXpression:
the bigger they are, the harder they fall ???

in an information age, truth is told

their truth, is NOT based on equitable,
nor honourable ways of being~ so, their core
is quite rotten

already many are turning their backs,
and, walking away on them

it won't be long til, the inner circle, will crumble

this is, the importance, of developing your own core,
as, well, as, the cores of others

nothing can stop things, that are built solid,
and, things, that have a core,
esp. one that is built with the right type of virtues,
and, build through a strong mind, as, well, as a strong heart

Earth has recently started the process of anchoring
her 11th density - so, that, she will be able to host
beings, that can almost match her, in her own eXpression

There are many beings on earth, who currently are expressing
7D, 8D, and, 9D, along with future selves,
this is NOT as, rare, as, you might think

those we have been teaching this too,
are shining eXamples, of what can be done,
here on earth !!!
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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

question: could you tell us more about records/recordkeepers/and, storeage places/the 7.2 billions souls, etc. ?

All souls, have records,
and, have books, in an assortment of places
some on earth, others, within stars systems
and, almost, without eXception,
in the grand central sun library,
the alcoyne library,
and, the library within the 9D temples of venus...
some souls, can read only, and, read only, some sections
there are secured sections, where some can read
and, where some can actually, scribe entries/or what would be
termed, write into them, or record (which is the proper word)
these higher level libraries,
are written in light encoding/and, are holographic in nature, to view
(or, at least, that is how, we see them)

Our question to abraxa,
about mill masters/and, 33 steps, etc.,
is one of the forms, we utilise, in order,
to walk between worlds/or, utilsing 'the mills'
recently, like back in approx 2003/2004,
we created our own, entry into 'the mills'
here we know, we do NOT travel alone

abraxa answer of the '1 in 50,000' he spoke of,
of the 7.2 billion, we talk about,
calculates eXactly to 144,000 souls
(all incarnate at this time)

Why did people forget ?
and, how do they remember ?

did you know, almost 80% of all
that was originally orated to earth beings,
has been lost, or, it has been forgotten

much related to north america in the 15th century
~ belonging to the tribes was burned, or, was stolen
and, many who remembered, were slaughtered
~much related to europe in the 4th century
had souls, facing death, if they did NOT conform to the way of the church
so, many, left their old teachings, behind, and, did NOT carry them through
those who did NOT conform, either were killed / or, they ran,
most of them, ran to australia/new zealand/africia/south america,
canada, and, the usa, as, well, as other places
(some of them, keep their old practices ~ celtic/druid,elven, gypsy, pict , etc., ~ and, did pass them down generations)
~much related to africa ~ in patriarchal (sp?) times
almost 26,000 years ago ~ where all destroyed
-the stones in these regions still talk
(and, you can visit them, remotely, within mediation/or, even dream_time)
-the burning of the books in the libraries of aleXandria
(and, the transporting of many of them, to rome,
and, hiding them down in the dungeons beneath,
was, NOT the proper way, to care, for such books,
many of these, have NOT wethered 'the storm'

ALL LINES ever written are all recorded

there are many here, in this time, who are 'the recordkeepers'
who will start a process, of writing them back,
eXactly, as, they were originally written

ASK FOR LESSONS on this type of light encoding - learning
within your dream-time, normally, 55 minutes, is plenty

however-do, this regularly, each, and, every night

yes, it was sad, the burning of books,
although, the threads of them, still eXist,
within many of the light libraries

even, the best of the best,
did NOT share, all their knowledge,
with all the people ~ as, to NOT have the people
upstage them ~ this was sad
as, all people, deserve, to have revealed to them
full information, without the need of 'hiding' anything
full disclosure, is what, most are asking for,
and, that is, what many, are doing,
giving it to you, lock/stock, and, the barrell.

even the old writings,
the buddhist doctorines,
only 25% of them, were ever remembered,
for, they were, orated/spoken by mouth,
and, were given within a time frame,
that, they were NOT all scribed-nor written down

many of the 144,000, who are record keepers,
are, NOW, back in incarnated forms,
with rafts of helpers, who can tap into many akashic records,
and/or The books of life,
that eXist, in many places,
from the light libraries of alcoyne,
in the seven sister star system of Pleides,
from the light libraries of The Grand Central Sun on earth
from the light libraries within The Grand Temples of 9D Venus
to, the light libraries of souls with 2 completed matrixes
where the books are stored,
related to beings, who have completed 2 matriXes
the records of deeds, both good ones, and, bad ones
are well recorded in these places
and, as, you tap into them
and, for many, this starts to occur
within the dream_time
you do start to remember

in an information age,
look at the numbers of people,
who are currently scribing their information,
some of them, are eXceeding accurate

also, where information eXists
it is NOT necessary to be physically present
to energetically tap into it,
from a remote standpoint

this is why, some of the places
where such things, were taken, when they were stolen
from many people/and, many cultures
still sit today, in a stored format
(hidden within vaults, lined with lead)
there are many souls incarnate at this time
who can, and, who will start a process
of revealing, all the things, that they know

iT iS a grand time, this grand cycle on earth
to be here, in this know

iT could be said, this iS a very 'telling time'

iF you want to be told, just ask !!!

"k" thru susan
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

HMMM...now, this is interesting

man/and, woman,
have always enjoyed
one-up-man-ship ~ a very old term
although, one pulled from the ethers/or records
by an author writing a book in the 50's

basically, all communities,
have within them, the workers/and, the bosses
and, unfortunately, most of the bosses,
pass information boss to boss,
and, instructions from boss to workers,
and, holding onto
the known ability to utilise,
your force/and, your power over others~to command/and, to demand them,
thus, the importance, of forming your own,
commands/and, demands,
so, you set the elements right, in order,
that you too, can have an upper hand

there has always existed,
the systems and, practices,
and, NOT all of the sytematic/or knowledge-or truth of
how things worked, was widely shared with others

otherwise, the medicine man, or medicine woman of a tribe,
might find themselves, being quickly replaced,
by all the others, who also,
have these hidden abilities,
that can be taped into within their old storgage baseis
where, you can make the unconscious, conscious again

This practice of
AND, then, utising the method of intimidation,
based on the asertion of force, and, of power,
and, of making one's brothers/or sisters,
associates, etc.,
feel inferior, has allowed many a man/and, woman
to gain the status of being "one-up" on them.

The best of community/or communites
that can be built at this time, will include,
so that, NOT a few of many ~ know
but, that, these new communites,
can, and, will share things
so, everyone can eXpand/grow, and, prosper
into the truth, of what, all men/and, all women truly are.

Therefore, iT iS important - to be an eXchanger,
NOT afraid, to fill up, and, NOT afraid to empty,
for one man/or one woman's gem of knowledge,
is useful only to them, and, them alone

when iT iS shared,
iT iS NEVER halved,
but, can double, or can triple, and,
also then, become useful to MANY !!!

iT can be said, that oft times,
your well, can get very full
and, iT iS wise, to empty iT
so, iT can again, be re-filled !!!

The more, you give out,
The law is, that the more, that will be returned to you...
give to receive, and, learn to be a good receiver

both sides of this equation, require full disclosure,
and, when beings do that,
this world will expand, very quickly
and, will do so, with very positive implications

K thru Susan
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Law of the Garbage Truck

One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport.

We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car
jumped out of a parking space right in front of us.

My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car
by just inches!

The driver of the other car whipped his head around
and started yelling at us.

My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy.

And I mean, he was really friendly.

So I asked, 'Why did you just do that?

This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!'

This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call,
'The Law of the Garbage Truck.'

He explained that many people are like garbage trucks.

They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger,
and full of disappointment.

As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it
and sometimes they'll dump it on you.

Don't take it personally.

Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on.

Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home,
or on the streets.

The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks
take over their day.

Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so ...

Love the people who treat you right.

Pray for the ones who don't.

Life is ten percent what you make it
and ninety percent how you take it!

Have a blessed, garbage-free day!
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small doesn't serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear; our presence automatically liberates others.

Maryanne Williamson
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Heaven on Earth

First I want to dispel a wide spread rumor \amongst the spiritual/metaphysical community.

We have all heard that this is the first time in the history of the evolution of the soul
that heaven on earth is available to us.

Heaven on Earth has always been available to anyone who chose it.

Heaven on earth is another term for Ascension
and is nothing more than the mastery of mind over matter.

There have been many who have gone before us,
thusly becoming the role models for the rest of us.

We call them Ascended Masters.

The only difference now is that instead of just a few,
the masses are choosing this acceleration of mind.

The masses are ascending together.

Yes, we are presently living in an excelerated vibratory rate,
yet this is because so many have awakened to the light of them selves
and are actually practicing that mind acceleration
rather than just talking about it.

But there is more, the heart is of major importance
in the dynamics of heaven on earth.

The universal mind which is accessed from the acceleration
of the lower mind, takes it’s direction from the heart.

Living in the moment is living heaven on earth.

The heart will always tell you what is going on in the present.

The heart is also the aspect of self that decides what feels good,
what makes you smile…what brings you joy;
because the heart is where the spirit of you resides.

To live heaven on earth you must stay conscious of your present
rather than being torn up with memories of the past
or worried about the future to come.

You pay attention to the heart,
it will let you know instantly how you are feeling in any given moment.

Still the mind even for just a moment to feel self….
to see if you feel good or you feel bad…
that’s it…
you don’t have to define it any further.

If you are feeling bad,
it is because you are thinking some fearful limited thought.

You then change your thought.

You move the thinking apparatus into a thought that makes you smile
and you focus on that.

This is living in the expanded vibrum of love.

Heaven on earth is a moment to moment conscious choice
to change your fearful thinking of I can’t to the loving thinking of I can.

When you move out of the I can’t into the I can,
your whole world changes from the inside out.

Now with all of that you are still asking,
HOW To Live Heaven on Earth

We recognize this need of Practical application in your everyday life.

We know the lower mind ego is struggling
and in some cases in outright resistance and rebellion to change
it’s old thought patterns and behaviors.

We know that lower mind needs the practical magic
and thusly we have designed this show to be a weekly guidance format
focusing on a different topic each week which will contain the how to’s
of living in heaven on earth,
because the lower mind is lacking trust in self.

In a moment I will share a specific how to.

Stop here and let Pam speak.

I wanted to share one that I received this week.

I woke up one morning a few days ago…
with this beautiful image of a very colorful hot air balloon
ascending into the sun lit sky.

Of course for me this was a peaceful, uplifting image (no pun intended).

I lay in my bed under the soft warm covers,
feeling all good and snuggly warm
and as I allowed myself to engage fully in this magical feeling.

Then I heard some whispering and all of a sudden out of nowhere
I heard this rapid gunfire and right
before my eyes the balloon was shot up to pieces and fell to the sky.

Then the balloon appeared again,
lifting off from the ground and a nuclear bomb hits it
and there is absolutely nothing left of it to recoup.

Well of course I lay there thinking what the hell was that!

And then I heard giggling
and I knew there was some angel/s behind this experience.

I saw Archangel Michael and Raphael
standing side by side with these huge grins on their faces.

Raphael had a smoking gun in his hand.

I stared at them in disbelief and then again asked,
what the hell was that about.

Raphael responded by saying…
that’s exactly right…
that is what hell is about.

Then Michael took over with this explanation.

He said.

” This is how you all create your hell
rather than accepting heaven.

I said” please expound

And He said

’ well, you all have this beautiful images that allow you to feel love,
peace and are uplifting.
You imagine how it could be and that feels good
and then in comes the self-doubt,
the thoughts of I can’t or it’s impossible etc
and the self-doubt is the same as shooting your dream
into pieces and then you wonder why you didn’t get what you want.
Then it gets even worse,
because those self doubt thoughts and behaviors
originate in the incorrect belief of unworthiness…
so when your dream lifts off,
like the balloon and you have a thought of not being worthy,
conscious or not….

it is the same as a nuclear bomb taking out it out.

He then went on to say this.

All of you are conscious of www, the World Wide Web

We engage in it every day in terms of the www of the Internet.

There is also a higher aspect of the www worldwide web
and as engage in the lower www worldwide web
we would like you to consider which www you are focused on.

There are two more meanings to www

The fearful focus


The loving focus

The fearful focus is defined as such

www stands for




this is how that fear works within you

you focus on want…
I want a new job,
I want more money,
I want someone to love me

all this want comes from the belief
that you are lacking to begin with.

The focus on want is the last thing
that will change your life,
as to focus on want only gets you more want rather than the thing itself.

As you remain in the want and see that you are getting nothing,
you then engage in war in order to get what you want.

It can be war within you that looks like this mental gymnastics of
I want with a response of you cant have it for one limited belief or another,
all those limited beliefs stem from an incorrect belief of not being worthy of.

That inner war extends beyond the self and you go to war with another or countries war
amongst themselves to fulfill what they are lacking.

No body every wins in a war…
all wars internal or external end in WOE.

Woe is me because I didn’t get want I want.
Woe is me because I may have gotten what I thought
I wanted but at what expense.

And then as the woe kicks in so does the want
because out of the woe the ego realizes it didn’t get
what it wanted and the whole vicious cycle starts over again.

Now let’s consider the other option

The loving www

Which stands for


Instead of wanting, you move to the higher will of you.

You don’t focus on want you focus on will.

Will is also defined not only as I Will, but I AM, I have etc.

You see yourself in the moment having that of which you desire.

You feel the joy of the experience of it right then and there.

As such there is no more wanting and no need for war.

You Win in that instant without the horrors of war.

You win because you are in peace and trust;
you have full knowingness that the desire is already yours
and need not battle self or any other for the guaranteed outcome.

You are the guarantee by seeing it done already.

As you continue to engage in Will and Win,
you inevitably end up with the WOW.

Because all that your heart desires is continuously manifesting instantly each and every day
and you find yourself walking around saying
Wow, wow look at that ….
wow, every moment is a vivacious enthusiastic WOW,
rather than that life energy sucking woe.

So each time you are on those computers searching
for what you want and your attention is drawn to www,
stop for a moment and become aware of which www you are focusing on.

The one that belongs to fearful hell
or the one that belongs to loving heaven.

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Live like it's heaven on earth."

In light with love from heaven on earth

Eloryia and AAMichael
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger


We have decided to work with Eloryia,
to see, if she can help us, to eXpress,
what iT iS, we are actually really here to do
with The Counsel of Thirty-Three(33)

who worked with us, at the time of the original avalon/and, camelot

here's a link to our mandalas etc.,

Susan/The eXchanger

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

A Gift of Inspiration for 2010
2010 is the Year you CAN….Join us in Heaven on Earth!
You are the tender Love and the Guiding Light
you have been waiting for
Love needs no Shield ...Breath in the Love...Love is the Shield
A road map and ticket to Heaven on Earth

There are many different ways to express the Love and Light
that you are through your multiple gifts and talents;
eventually you will come to know and take action
by expressing each of them
and then all of will come together working as one
in love and harmony bringing you and many others great joy.

Stop thinking how…give your head a rest,
the "how to is not your job".

That job belongs to the Higher Universal Mind,
the One Heart, One Mind, One Soul.

Your job is to feel what makes you happy by lounging about
and flipping through the universal catalogue of life and all it has to offer.
Choose whatever brings a smile to your face
and then do nothing but listen in each and
every moment to the guidance coming from your inspiration;
the joyful song of your heart..
and then practice it!

By following only that of which feels good in any given moment.

Do not force yourself to do anything even if that something
once felt good in a past moment and in this moment does not.
Be sure to follow the feeling even if it has to do with that of your gifts and talents,
one moment you will feel very inspired to take action and absolutely be in joy with it.
A few hours later you may not feel like doing it and
thusly if you force yourself out of a sense of responsibility,
it becomes work rather than play and obiviously is no longer joyful.

Many on this dimension have words confused,
like responsibility and obligation.
Most people will claim they are being responsible
when they are really being obligated.

Responsibility = the ability to respond to self with love, whatever self is feeling
in any given moment and the moment changes constantly.
Sometimes you may feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry,
sometimes tired; whatever the feeling honor it and be with it.

The uncomfortable feelings pass quickly with loving acknowledgment of them.

They are free to move on because they have been heard and felt.

If you deny their voice,
you only suppress them within and then they rot and stagnates you
from moving back into joy and love

Obligation is more similar to doing something you do not want to do b
ecause you fear the loss of something; i.e. Loss of money, loss of love, l
oss of whatever…
it matters not because it is nothing more than fear.

Out of obligation we perform a task that is not joyful for us
and we end up exhausted and spent and angry and resentful,
especially when we don’t get some kind of thank you or acknowledgment in return.
This is not loving for self or for anyone else either.

It is time for you to stop doing for others from obligation…
one moment you feel obligated, the next it comes from your natural healing abilities
and is done with love…

yet it always ends up with you doing more than most and nothing left over for you.

No time, no energy on any level.

It is time to be responsible…
respond to self with the love and light of your divine magnificence.

It is now time for you.

When you take care of yourself lovingly, all else is taken care of by the Universe…
all your needs and wants.

That’s where the statement
“God helps those who help themselves”, originates.

The heart, soul and spirit of you already know this…
it is time to get the head in harmony with the rest…
the head has been the cart before the horse
and thusly blocking your graceful movement into heaven on earth.

The head is similar to the cart that is placed before the horse…
it won’t budge without force or something pulling it along.

It has you believing it has to figure it all out before rolling along,
it wants guarantees of the outcome.

The horse naturally runs, as it’s joy is in the freedom of movement.
Just watch any horse running across a meadow or field….
it runs free and joyfully because there is nothing in it’s way.
It is one of the most beautiful sites to behold.

(It would be good for you to watch the movie “Sea Biscuit”
a great example of going with feeling rather than having to think it through to guarantees.
Guarantees are an illusion; the only real guarantee is trust in the divinity of self)

You too can live heaven on earth where dreams come true!

All you need do is sit down and write out, paint,
draw or just speak the description of whatever it is you really want, .

Logic has no place here…it does not get to interfere with imagination…
meaning do not limit yourself to what you presently believe you can have
based on what you presently have to spend.

All of that is no-sense.

You have an abundantly prosperous Father and Mother….
heavenly Father and Mother and you are their precious child
who has been gifted free will and free choice.

That means you get to have anything you want.

The reason you don’t have it yet,
is because you don’t believe you deserve it…
regardless of what you think consciously…
there is a block in your cellular memory charged
with emotion that will not allow you to receive
and this is where your healing focus needs to be at this time.

If you do not have what you desire,
it is because you are blocking yourself from receiving it.

The Universe shares all of it’s abundance equally to all.

It is the individual that is either standing there receiving
with both arms fully extended to receive
or has one arm tied behind their back or both arms jammed stubbornly
in their pockets all the while wondering why they didn’t get anything or something.

Most are still suffering from the incorrect mental belief
of being a lesser child of God/Goddess.

The way you realize your Divinity is to be balanced in your giving and receiving
and the faster you allow yourself to receive love,
the faster you move, the faster all the rest of your outer world moves
as well; as above so below, as within so without.

If you are tired of going without, then try going within to discover
where even the slightest bit of residue regarding be the lesser child of God/Goddess
is still residing within you.

Then open your arms with loving understanding and embrace them
and invite them to be part of the ONE where there is no lack only love.

There are many adept facilitators of Light in the world,
who have healed themselves with the help and guidance of others.

They received the help to manage everything within in order and harmony
of love of self.

They are positioned all over the globe standing ready to help
all those that are ready to help themselves.

This is so all leave the abandonment of fear and pain behind to live in love and joy together.

All you need do is step right up and check into Heaven on Earth…
the old hell is gone and any energetic that goes along with it is rapidly disappearing…
the more you resist, the more painful it becomes.

This is a wondrous time to be on earth,
as it transforms its old hell into heaven and invites any who wish to participate
to come along for the joyful journey.

Those that choose to be “in love” will remain and benefit from the eons of many light workers
holding a vision to bring it to this.

Those that choose to be “in fear” will move on elsewhere, where fear still exists,
as fear cannot exist in love, the vibration of love is the highest and fear is the lowest,
they simply don’t resonate with one another.

This does not mean that all souls leaving their bodies are in fear,
some of them know that they can hold this vision of heaven on earth better
from a different dimension and then they will return to enjoy it with those they guided in.

So, it is really not just about your job, your home, your children, your parents,
your money, your health…it is about your entire life.

It is about coming into a state of love within yourself so that you can create
and manifest all of those dreams that you previously only believed belonged
in some world called heaven or paradise.

It is about giving up and letting go of fearful survival where you have to work hard
at tasks that don’t even bring you enough money to cover your needs;
never mind your wants, and where joy is completely forgotten.

It is the time to know beyond the shadow of a doubt the “Value of Life”!….

Stop wasting it and start living it. It is a gift to all of us who breathe.

Open up to the unlimited light and love you are;
so you can with full trust of self and complete faith in
the Universal Laws of ONE,
freely express the gifts and talents that are uniquely you.

The very ones you have practiced for eons to be the Light and Love,
the Divine Magnificence you are and always have been.

The angels are here on earth and they are ready to grasp hold of your hand and guide you.

All you have to do is take hold.

They cannot force, although I have heard them plead and beg a little
for you to know that you are loved as they are loved…
but they can’t push or shove you to receive all that you are.

So on behalf of my brethren the Angelic Kingdom
an on behalf of all humanity,
the earth and all of it’s inhabitants…
come home my angels and live in heaven on earth….
we miss you and you are greatly needed at this time of great transition
where many souls awaken from their perceived hell
and stand at the edge of the chasm
while it literally crumbles under their feet,
unsure of whether of what to do to stay safe.

I encourage you to leap into faith,
trusting that the love of the ONE will not allow you to fall…
an angel will either catch you
or you will sprout your own wings and fly.

2009 was the year to Shine

2010 is the year you CAN…live heaven on earth

Love needs no Shield ...Breath in the Love...Love is the Shield

In light with love from heaven on earth
Eloryia, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael,
God/Goddess and all the voices of Love that make up the ONE!


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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Wow! thanks.
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

True Love found in this Spiritual and Metaphysical Book “ASCENSION"
A Trilogy of Transformation”
Book One
"Awakening True Love"

A unique book containing a universal message


A story of and a guide to transformation to Heaven on Earth!
Awakening, Ascension: A Trilogy of Transformation, Book 1 reviews

"I have known Eloryia Ra for over 16 years
and walked with her through a portion of her story.
She is my angel girl as I call her and she has chosen to walk
If you are ready to chose HEAVEN OVER HELL
then this book is a MUST READ.
It is a challenge to chose Heaven every day
but Eloryia Ra did chose Heaven
and her struggle to get there is nothing short of a courageous HERO/HEROINES journey.
This is walking a Mythic Journey with no guide book
and no instructions sheet.
If you doubt or fear, feel lost or confused,
or feel like your life is a horror movie
then I highly recommend reading this book
to inspire you to continue your journey
to finding Heaven on Earth.
"Megan "Grey Wolf" Garcia author of
GRANDMOTHERS "A Wisdom Teaching"

"Wow! What a powerful book!
Although the type is small, the message is huge.
The theme paralleled my own story closely in many ways,
but led me to enlightenment with its conclusions.
If you are on your own path to enlightenment,
or if you have had struggles in life that make no sense
and you are seeking the answers, this is the book to read!
The messages within the messages will lead you on a journey there."
P.E., Spiritual Advisor

"I have appreciated Eloryia Ra's book Awakening (Ascension)
both as a fascinating story of one persons evolution
and awakening and as a guide to what is possible
on the human plane if we are courageous enough
to listen to and accept guidance from sources
we are not normally aware of.
This story of a girl, a woman and an angel
and her journey through all the paths that led her to enlightenment
and trusting in higher knowledge is a fun and life enhancing read.
I would recommend it to anyone who is on a path of self discovery
and looking for real world truths of what is possible in life."
T. R. S., Life Coach

Eloryia Ra's Ascension, A Trilogy of Transformation,
book one, "Awakening" is the genuine account of Eloryia
as a young woman who knows she desires to assist humanity in acknowledging their divine magnificence in order
to create Heaven on Earth.
Her Life Coach and mentor and constant companion ,
the Archangel Michael, guides her life experiences
and awakening to the truth of her self,
by assisting her in clearing her conditioned beliefs,
and the release of emotional charges
so she can acknowledge her divinity.

The information contained within is a divine gift bestowed
upon earth to uplift all of mankind from their ongoing lower levels of darkness, into the higher realms of LIGHT!

This book is recommended for all those ready to transform their lives
from the mundane to the magical.

It will help you realize how truly magnificent you are!

Ascension is a divinely channeled gift;
a tool to help you realize the preciousness of your own Sacred Being
and by aligning you with the ONE source of all there is!

Ascension is a guide to realize HEAVEN ON EARTH
by awakening and expressing your Heart Song.

The Heart song is what brings you joy in any given moment.

Your Heart Song is the voice of the God/Goddess/Child within you.

It is your unique expression of passion, your AT-ONE-MENT,
not to be kept inside of you,
but to be sung loudly for all to hear
for the enlightenment of humankind
and all other living inhabitants of earth.

It is a handbook to PEACE OF MIND, TRUE LOVE

It will unlock the door to the empowerment of the divinity
within you so you may manifest your dreams
while living HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Come play and celebrate with Eloryia RA,
committed to the enlightenment of humankind,
as you are guided into the joyful and playful expression
of your greatest magnificence,
the awakening of your HEART SONG,
(the divine imprint of your existence on earth
and how to express it).

Eloryia, more commonly known as the Angel Lady,
is a Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and Transformational Facilitator,
as well as a visionary artist/author, clairvoyant, teacher, high priestess, facilitator and holder of the light for Ascension /Heart song,
the One Mind Council of RA, The Mastery of The 13 Laws of One.

All of Eloryia's expressions are through a loving heart
with the wisdom of God, the beauty and grace of the Goddess
and the playfulness of the Child within.

An agent of returning to the innocence of the joyful heart,
the reuniting of the Twin Flame, and the alignment of the GOD/GODDESS/CHILD I AM presence,

she facilitates private and or group sessions and for the past 20 years
has guided hundreds of individuals out of their self -imposed
painful darkness into the peace and joy of their blissful hearts.

We invite you to journey with this Angel Eloryia
through this inspirational story of her transformational process,
guided by her beloved, the Archangel Michael,
other angels, fairies, elves, dolphins and other magical beings
from the mundane to the magnificent.

Format/Soft Cover Book $21.95 + S&H 7.95 = $29.90

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

The message that follows was shared with me by one of my other clients, a radiant being of light just like the rest of you. We were discussing by email some definite different energies we had both been experiencing and I felt inspired to pass it on to all of you who in the past month or so have simply been drawn to the awarenss that something is quite different and not completely understanding what it is, although the feeling was quite beautiful and peaceful

"It is the speed of the unfolding of the manifestations
in both our outer as well as our inner worlds
that takes us by surprise.

Know that there is this incredible Love and that the Angels
are here in the legions to help Mankind through the transitions
with the promise of a new and better world.
We have to learn to let go and let God.


I encourage all of you to share with me, tidbits of inspiration so that I may post them here for all of us to benefit from.

In light with love from heaven on earth

PS. Thank you Theresa for sharing
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Live Heaven On Earth

Live Heaven on Earth is your passage to abundant prosperity of all things. Learn how to manifest complete and total wealth in all aspects of your life. Your Hosts Eloryia RA and Pamela Dussault have 30+ years experience in Spirituality/Metaphysics/Energy Healing, and have guided hundreds of individuals worldwide out of their self imposed hells into heaven on earth. Each weekly segment addresses a different topic pertaining to how to live heaven on earth; by trusting in your intuition and following your hearts desires. You are invited to listen to Eloryia and Pamela share first hand experience, specific techniques and/or modalities and advice, often channeled by the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, and others on healing and changing your lifel The elevated vibration of Heaven now resides upon the earth. You deserve to live in the abundant prosperity of the love, peace and joy you have always desired. The moment is NOW! Call ins are welcome to participate during the dialogue, as well as during the later portion of the show which is dedicated to call ins for free readings and/or healings. Learn more about Pamela and Eloryia and personal guidance, at: Pamela Dussault www.PassagetoInnerJoy.com Eloryia RA www.EloryiaRA.com Guest spots are available, please email to schedule a show "Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, Live like it's heaven on earth." Anonymous

very awesome radio show


(the caller-susan, isn't this susan) LOL - we don't have kids/or, live with guilt

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

my healing mandala

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

the 91/19 healing mandala of RA

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

91/19 healing mandala

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

91/19 healing mandala

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

91/19 ra-ar healing mandalas

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

my own healing mandala

posted a long message and, the system lost it

since i'm NOT feeling well-will put that up tomorrow
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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

mucked up the upload

here it is:
also, here is her radio show


YOUR SHOW on December 10th, 2009

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Here is another great link: l
et's start the 30 days today!
Even 15 minutes meditating (or whatever you can manage..) on what we want and the awareness of collecting data as we move through our day....
to create the image of what we want.

There is not one person we know who doesn't have a dream or wish;
even if it is simply to travel more,
have more health, more joy, more thin, more strength, more prosperity, more freedom, more time, more whatever.

And we have a right to more. Even Wayne Dyer would agree although he says less is more when it comes to material possessions. (He probably has more of that than we do however! )

we have started my 30 days today...will you start too?

Here's where we got the idea,
thanks to Esther Hicks and Abe/Abraham.

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Part 1 of 3 - Abraham Gives a Bag of Tricks!

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Part 2 of 3 - Abraham Gives a Bag of Tricks!

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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

part 3 of 3 Abraham Gives a Bag of Tricks!

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