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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Things falling off the wall?

I want to share here with you all about a particular experience that I seem to keep having over the years. If anyone here has had this experience I would appreciate hearing from you, or if anyone has insights into this phenomena, I would also love to hear from you.

For years now, things fall mysteriously off the wall in the night when I am sleeping, usually. Here is the list:

My wedding pic. fell onto the chest of drawers, & the glass cracked to pieces. The hook was still intact on the wall. Of course 6mths later I seperated from my spouse.

A small fire extinguisher that was hanging on a solid hook on the wall, has fallen off twice, leaving the hook intact. I now keep it on the floor.

The word L O V E (in seperate letters) is securely taped onto the wall, & several times now, one of the letters keeps falling off in the middle of the night. This happened last night at 4:13am.

The other night, I was woken up with a thud, & I investigated only to find my dress in a pile on the closet floor. This was at 3:40am, yet I went to bed at 10:30pm when I hung the dress up, but it didn't fall off the hanger until 3:40am?

Another time in a previous home, a large jug of laundry detergent mysteriously fell off an upper shelf (it had been laying on its side with access to the nozzle). The shelf was still securely anchored to the wall.

I also frequently get woken up with the sound of a telephone ringing, but when I wake up there is no telephone ringing......there are also other sounds that seem to happen in my head, but wake me up as if they were real. Needless to say, by now I'm getting fed up with all of this, as its disturbing my sleep.

Any thoughts on all this phenomena please
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