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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Exclamation More and More Stealth Cell Towers and Stealth uses

I only had a cellphone for a few months but did not like the way it made me feel, so I gladly got rid of it. I was very happy that in my area there was horrible cell phone reception,the area I was in refused to allow one to go up for awhile. this is what they show you pictures of

Here's some stealth examples of what they are putting up

Wireless carriers are in a heap of tower trouble. On one hand, they serve fickle customers who will switch providers at the first sign of spotty cellular coverage. On the other, those same subscribers grouse about the unsightly towers and other gear needed to ensure calls don’t get dropped or interrupted.

Making matters worse, municipalities are passing ordinances that place strict limits on tower placement. So providers are coming up with increasingly creative and unusual ways to camouflage antennas. They’ve long adorned towers with bogus bark and leaves. But now they’re getting stealthier than ever.

Big Air

Bob Jones wants to do away with costly and unsightly towers altogether. Jones, president of Sanswire Networks, proposes sending blimps 13 miles into the air to provide coverage for large swaths of land. The remote-controlled blimps would stay up for about a year and a half before being replaced.

Against the Grain

Carriers add onto existing grain silos or build fake ones from the ground up to conceal offending equipment.

Dry as a Bone
Water Towers

No irrigation, but good reception — municipalities are asking mobile-phone service providers to build nonworking water towers that blend in better with the cityscape. This one in San Dimas, Calif., may look like a vintage wooden tower. It’s actually made of fiberglass.

Blowing Smoke

Who said chimneys are just for channeling smoke? This one conceals a cell tower atop a small shopping center in San Mateo, Calif.

Phony Façade
Brick Walls

If the buildings in your city are a little taller than they used to be, they may be concealing wireless gear in an unused floor. Some cell phone companies are adding height to buildings, complete with fake windows, to hide antennas behind brick façades.

No Dead Air

It’s always rude to talk on the phone while visiting a graveyard. Still, coverage should be top-notch for the neighborhoods surrounding cemeteries that house cell towers.

Give Me a Sign
Cell Sign

Lurking inside this sign for the Colorado Sports Café is a coverage-boosting cell phone tower.

See Who Salutes
Flag Poles

Patriotic and practical: Some fiberglass flag poles do more than proudly wave the Stars and Stripes.

Spurious Spruce

One of the most common ways carriers conceal towers is by disguising them as trees. The cell phone companies idea of "greening" the environment. They come in all forms too — from counterfeit cacti to poseur palms.

Here’s the Steeple

Some might find the notion of cell towers hidden inside crosses a little, well, sacrilegious. It will hasten your return to source, god, maker whatever term you prefer, with the direct damage of it being overhead. Still, it’s a way for houses of worship to generate added income while keeping eyesores tucked inconspicuously away. Some equipment is also hidden in windows, steeples, and false bell towers.

FAA may be concerned about cell tower in the skyCell Tower in Arizona
May 30, 2009
MESA, AZ - Airport officials received a number of calls from Mesa residents during the early morning hours about a UFO over the airport as they witnessed a large balloon with blinking lights descend from the dark sky. Friday the airport was still in possession of the object.

"The airport is concerned, and we're forwarding our incident report to the FAA to address that concern," said Brian Sexton, spokesman for the airport, regarding the incident that was first reported at 6:28 a.m.

The UFO turned out to be what is being described as a cell tower in the sky.


To capture the ultimate crown in zoning approval,
try permitting this nine-mile-high multi-use cell tower

The Kevlar-laminate tower would be 9.3 miles tall, 754 feet across, and weigh approximately 800,000 tons, or about 1,600 times the weight of the beefy 1,000-foot Stainless LLC guyed tower recently erected in Miami for ABC Channel 10.
Tower techs working on the top of the structure, according to the York University designers, would be able to ride an elevator that would take about 40 minutes moving at 22 miles per hour.

The team has filed for international patent protection for their design, in partnership with space technology company, Thoth Technology Inc., so don't expect to see a separate, tall, tall, tall tower division at Rohn, Valmont, Sabre or Structural Components anytime soon.

June 22, 2009
WASHINGTON, DC - In response to a U.S. Supreme Court invitation, the United States Solicitor General has filed a brief (here) expressing the federal government's view that the Eighth Circuit and Ninth Circuit correctly interpreted 47 U.S.C. Sec 253(a) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in their rulings in favor of local governments,

The Solicitor General, who has offices in the Supreme Court Building as well as the Department of Justice Headquarters, has been called the "10th justice" due to the relationship of mutual respect that develops between the justices and the Solicitor General.

President Obama appointed Elena Kagan as the U.S. Solicitor General in March 2009. This review was one of the first invitations provided by the Supreme Court.

After building eleven towers without authorization,
Wyoming county cracks down on wireless telco

Washington Monument cell tower replica to move to new Mississippi location
June 17, 2009
RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI - The cell phone tower that is a miniature replica of the Washington Monument will have to make way for planned frontage roads along Interstate-55.
June 19, 2009

Feds eye Acadia mountaintop for 80-foot tower
June 5, 2009
ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, MAINE - The top of Acadia National Park's Cadillac Mountain is one of dozens of sites under consideration for an 80-foot tower designed to enhance federal Homeland Security Monopole homeland security communications.

Church might be looked at as a soft sell, but it could be viewed as a pariah Church Cell Tower Installation
May 31, 2009
SPRING VALLEY, CA - With the explosion of wireless technology, and its increased demand for cell towers, churches are often a soft sell for phone companies offering lease revenue in exchange for hiding their towers on rooftops, steeples or crosses

New Hampshire residents enlisting
The Lord's help to defeat church cell site

March 20, 2009
NORTH ANDOVER, NH - The sign in front of an Elm Street home reads, "LORD PLEASE HELP US."

Nightmare on Elm Street own the road, another sign says, "My bedroom is right up there. PLEASE don't put a tower across from where I sleep!! Madison Age 8."

Residents are waging a visible fight against Trinitarian Congregational Church, which plans to install a cell phone antenna in its steeple at 72 Elm St.

"What we want is the Lord to hear us and we want the church to hear us," said an Elm Street homeowner.

"We don't know what long-term radiation is going to do."

Residents, cities, county and state synchronized against defeating swimMonopole
club monopole application
December 2, 2008
CRANFORD, NJ - After a year of nine meetings on a contentious application to construct a cellular tower at the Cranford Swim Club, the public will still have to wait for a decision on a 120-foot monopole to be erected at the rear of the swim club property on the border of Cranford and Westfield.

Governing bodies seeing towers in a new shade of greenCell Tower
November 18, 2008
SAN JACINTO, CA - With the country's threatened and overburdened economy, cell tower leases are starting to look more palatable to city governments as they seek funding to maintain basic services.

Such is the case in San Jacinto at the Luz del Sol 5-acre park where the housing slump doesn't generate enough landscape maintenance fees to pay for the park's upkeep.

Trixi's Antler Saloon, named after the former trick rider, roper and show girl who bought it in the 1950's. Go to Trixi's bar to get 5 bars on your cell

To be continued
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