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Default Re: Attention. Bankrupcy Planning.

Originally Posted by Vril5 View Post
Hi Northern Boy
Exactly my thoughts! You´d better hang onto your Hat!
2009 will be a VERY "exiting" year! And countrys from where USA can borrow money are "shrinking" !! Now its after China, almost only Japan who got that kind of currency reserves. So Let´s say... eh.. 2 - 4 months! So "buckle up your seatbelts" and prepare for a year with many surprises!
Best wishes
Predictions are that gas should remain around $1.50 a gallon in the U.S. and we will remain close to where we are right now for roughly the next 9- 12 months after that inflation is supposed to rear its ugly head so stock up on your food water and gas while you can and watch the stock market
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