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Default Re: Dr A True Ott's Perspective

Because Bill Ryan continues in his support for Jane Burgermeister, which my research indicates is an error, I am posting excerpts from this more lengthy communication from September 2009 by Dr Ott at this time:

"Hello Kerry and Bill:

"Many thanks for the recent post...

"...One such call, back in March, was from a 'free-lance journalist who worked for the BMJ in Austria' who identified herself as Jane Burgermeister.

"In good faith, I proceeded to give Ms. B all the information and documentation that I had accumulated. She seemed so very legitimate and morally outraged...

"At this point, everything was fine between myself and Ms. Burgermeister. Soon, however, things started being more than a little 'strange.' Jane began 'free-lancing'unilaterally with the documentary evidences I and others had accumulated in May. (See attached white paper.) She demanded that President Obama and others be formally charged for the offense of mass murder ó even though there was no credible evidence as to their actual involvement. (I tried to tell her many times that 'gut feeling' is not evidence.) She began to systematically submarine the 'team' that I had assembled, (Alexander S. Jones from the NIH, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Alan Phillips, JD, Dr. Deagle, Dr. Evangelista, She then shocked everyone on the team by declaring PUBLICLY on radio and European TV, that she had filed HER (not our teamís) charges with the FBI IN THE UNITED STATES, and had done so unilaterally. No credit was given to her 'team.' It was all about Jane PERSONALLY!

"In her public declarations, she clearly inferred that the other team members were false 'double agents' of Big Pharma sent only to discredit HER EFFORTS! When all of us asked her to verify her claims by telling us specifically which FBI Offices she was working with, and to provide FBI case numbers Ė she publicly claimed we were trying to 'smear her' and then, of course, she threatened criminal and civil actions against US. All we have ever asked for is DOCUMENTATION FOR HER CLAIMS. We are still waiting for this. Three weeks after Bill Deagle and I discussed Janeís 'filed charges' on Deagleís radio show, Jane actually publicly claimed (falsely of course) that Tim Vawterís petition for injunction was actually her FBI criminal charges that she had filed in the U.S...

"I would remind you that it is only 'Citizen Jane' who is publcly threatening other activists with legal action and of being dis-informers. All we have EVER done is simply to ask Jane to provide legitimate proof of her claims.

"If this isnít bad enough, Jane is continually soliciting donations for her 'cause' Ė and by publicly lashing out, seeking to discredit others, she of course gets bigger donations. (Poor weak Jane, being picked on by big, mean male doctors who are Big Pharma double-agents.) Conversely, I am most definitely not doing this for MONEY, far from it. It has cost me many thousands of dollars in time and material to try and share the truth. Ditto with Dr. Deagle.

"Frankly, I am very disappointed that you have not vetted Jane B. much more thoroughly. Where are her '10 or 12 e-mails to the FBI' that she claims to have available? Since when did the FBI began placing field offices in the Austrian Embassy? Why are you so blindly taking her word for everything she claims?? (Why is she blinking so very excessively during your taped interview??)

"I can virtually guarantee that if you PRESS HER TO PROVIDE PROOF OF HER CLAIMS, you will be charged with engaging in a 'smear campaign' as well. Are you up to the challenge?? Provide us with DOCUMENTATION that she has in fact 'officially filed' her criminal charges with the FBI as she so vehemently claimed to have done back in June and July, and I for one will be more than happy to issue a very public apology to Jane. Will you press her hard for this documentation?? Or will you continue to play 'patty-cakes' with this woman?

"I submit that most intelligent, thinking people can see through Jane and her plagiarized activism for profit. Why canít you??


A. True Ott, PhD, ND"
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