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Default Re: Dr A True Ott's Perspective

Originally Posted by angellight View Post
Thanks, Now that I look at everything from a different perspective, the brainwashing, the mind control is so blatant. In the mormon culture it starts from birth. There is so much fear involved, now that I know who I am, it just makes me sad to see so many people trapped and controlled. In a way, I myself am still trapped. My husband is still asleep, his family is very devout mormon, so I still have to play the game and attend. I think there are probably a lot of lightworkers in the mormon church who are awake but quietly go every week because the way it is set up. If you leave it destroys your family.
When I was a child, I was fearful because of religion, also. I used to worry about myself and my two younger siblings going to hell. This was from being raised in the Baptist Church, followed by Methodist, then choosing Episcopal on my own, then Unitarian Universalist, then - putting organized religion, and religion, in general, behind me.

It is very good that you have joined this forum. This will give you a support system.

I can imagine how difficult your position is in your family. I have the same thing in my family - not regarding religion - but regarding 9-11 truth and the New World Order agenda. They don't have a clue and I can't talk to them about it. It's lonely.
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