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Default Re: Dr A True Ott's Perspective

Originally Posted by angellight View Post
Hi! new to the forum but, I have followed Camelot for awhile. Just wanted to share some information on Dr. Ott. He has some great books available. Most are on health and nutrition. I found them to be very informative. However, what I really want to thank Dr. Ott for and let anyone else out there know about who is interested, is his book on the Mormon church. I live in Utah, I grew up Mormon but always knew something was off. I woke up about five years ago and began searching for any information on the Church. Dr. Ott will send you his book for free you just have to call his business, Mother Earth Minerals and ask for it. His personal story with the church is intriguing and answered many of my questions about all of the symbology and rituals that they do. So if there is anyone else out there who feels trapped and uneducated about the Mormon religion and culture that they grew up in like I did, Dr. Ott's book is a good place to start. Of course, as always find your own truth and use discernment.
Thank you so much for this post. You are speaking from personal experience and that is my favorite type of post to read. So meaningful.

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