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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Thanks Mikey. That makes a ton of sense, and got my brain thinking in another direction. And yes, indig and quantum numbers are the same, except it seems instead of a nine, they're using a zero? Anyways, zero is technically not a number, but the absence of numbers, or in the metaphysical sense it represents balance and harmony. They also refer to quantum numerology as decimal parity, or MOD 9 (the remainder from a divsisor, that being nine). In essence, just continue to add all the digits until you get to a single digit, that being one through nine.

Thanks Scott. I remember Marko Rodin saying something that pi actually isn't the irrational number we all think it is but a perfect constant, which really intrigues me. It connects me with the idea of space being curved, and Einstein saying in reference to reincarnation, "If you continue to draw a line, you will eventually come back to the beginning again."

So as you are implying, to fully comprehend it, we have to really think outside of the box, outside of third dimensional thinking.

And to response to, "Then what?" Well, it's already here in my opinion. Turn on some Mozart, listening to the trees in the wind, or even your own breath. I think the noise is full of much more than we can possibly believe. However, when you get all of those into a switchboard, that's where music comes alive, the basic pattern to life, as it all started with primes and their ratios.
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