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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Originally Posted by davefla73 View Post
Anyone have any ideas on how he moved and shaped the blocks? I read that his father was a stone MASON , maybe they passed on the secret, but died with him :<
Well, I am theorizing that using the natural resonance frequency you can make the stones vibrate. However, lower frequencies are probably more effective, in terms of an octave of the resonance, cause thats how glass technically breaks from an opera singer, its a high pitch in the octave of C, and the closer you get to 32768 hz the more likely it will break when it is an octave of C, as glass is made out of silica, or the base level of quartz.

Now playing that frequency while chiseling, might make chiseling go much much faster, as the rock is vibrating and it is easier to break it. Another thing I know, if you put an electric current through the chisel or drill, it will actually cut faster, up to twice as fast I know. So maybe a chisel hooked up to a Baghdad battery while singing songs in specific notes or hitting gongs, bells, playing horns... I believe would dramatically speed up cutting the stone and extending the use out of the chisel.

Also, this I believe is related to how they turned limestone into dust through these frequencies, then cement it together some how in a mold, to make the outer white casing to the pyramids (as human hairs have been found inside them, but I have yet heard of any carbon dating from it, go figure).
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