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Default Bill Ryan, you can trust Jake Simpson

Bill, you wrote:

"....Jake is a very able psychic intuitive to this day. He is able to perceive when the AI [artificial intelligence] information gathering system was 'focused' in his direction and would periodically pick his exact moment to relate something to us. We observed this again and again. While it at all times seemed the same to us, sometimes Jake told us it was safe to talk, while at other times it was not. It took a little while for us to understand exactly what was going on here.

See below for more on this. We have not heard this information anywhere else in the literature, on the internet, or mentioned by any other witness. But I [Bill] had one experience that showed me directly that this was very real indeed."

Bill, Jake is correct, I have verified these abilities already in the seventies.
In the literature/internet it may be found under: 'REMOTE SENSING" categories.
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