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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by lindabaker View Post
your writing style is what I call "stream of consciousness" and is sometimes difficult to interpret at times, so you will need an editor for the (translation). A left-brain balancing for the right-brain stream. This was a compliment, I trust you understand...Anyway, just click on the link provided by Seeingterra's thread. You can begin input any time. The time is now. PM me about something newly uncovered. LB
thanks for the compliments,
we are whole brained,
and, sometimes, we see those turning people on line,
or illusions, turning both ways, at the same time,
or, doing the can-can

eventually, everyone will be whole-brained
and, the barriers, between the brain will come down

can you point me in the direction of 'seeingterra' thread ?

sometimes, when things are light-encoded, in how you write
it makes another, have to go over it, more than once

you know, the old, "three times" is "the charm"
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