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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

There is some old stuff, that needs to be posted,
so, i can access it, or, quote from it:

19/07/2009 1:04:26 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
answer: (26/11-13 energies)

Dearest Susan,
On July 7, we had the most monumental Lunar Eclipse ever on Earth.
A major shift and influx of energy occurred.
On July 21, the 5th Dimension will be fully anchored on Earth.
Please be there in your heart for us who are just arriving now.....
On August 8, will be the last day of the period ushering in the Lion's Gate,
allowing Truth to be revealed.
The energies of the spiritual are incredible now.....
more than I have ever experienced.
Please....I need to know now....what happened on Pan?
Representatives of Pan are being invited to attend in meditation on July 21.
What happened?
Was I a part of it?
Was Pan a destroyed version of Earth?
Was Queen Mab in charge?
I know you were there,
because you were the one who first told me about Pan.
(this in approx 1996)
I can't read the Akashic records...yet.
I will, in very due time.
Please, can you help me out with info on Pan?
Thank you for the spiritual assistance at this great time in Earth history.
Love you with all my heart,


8/8/8 occurred on the eighth day,
of the eight month, in the energetic 8 year of 2006

however, 8/8-2009 (11)
is another gate/or opportunity,
for those to ascend/or step into their multi-dimensional beings,
through the multi-dimensions of The Mother Earth Planes,
and, All the Planes, and, even those,
located between time, and, between space,
and, even in places, we do NOT know where to ask for...
these gateways eXist

we are approaching NOW 11-11-11 !!!

8/8/8 - was almost 3 years ago, in 2006
9/9/9 - was almost 2 years ago, in 2007
10/10/10-was almost 1 year ago, in 2008

This higher dimensional anchoring,
has gone on, forever...
however, the 3D earth,
has altered, changed and shifted,
to bring about the following potentials,
as follows:

we have worked through the following higher dimensional anchoring:
earth was at 3D ...then on
4/4/2002 --4 D was anchored
see the 4-4-4
5D on 5/5/2003 - 5 D was anchored
see the 5-5-5
6D on 6/6/2004-6D was anchored
see the 6-6-6
7D on 7/7/2005-7D was anchored
(on this date, the channel merged with her 7D.31)
see the 7-7-7
8D on 8/8/2006-8D was anchored
see the 8-8-8
(on this date, the channel merged with her 8D.32)
9D -on, 9/9/2007 - 9D was anchored
see the 9-9-9
(on this date, the channel started to merge with her 9D.33,
and, then on 10/25/2007-this channel, sat stuck between the worlds,
Rebecca J, a friend, came into the ethers, when telepathed,
and, set us, back into life
on 9/27/2007-another 9/9/9
the channel merged completely with her 9D.33
10D - 10/10/2008 - 10D was anchored
(on this date, the channel started to merge with her 10D.34,
and, has NOT yet, completed the process)
For now, it is best, that the channel/and, the instrument
merge for eXchanges/and, for sharing
she is a part, of its 144 points of light
(which is why, we come to, and, through her)

NOW, the year of 2009 = it is an energetic 11
The Year of the Six Pillars of Truth, Love and, Energy
there have been many 11-11's this year
1-1/2009 = 11/11
1-10/2009= 11/11
1 x 11 = 11/11
1-19/2009= 11/11
1-28/2009= 11/11
2-9/2009= 11/11
2 x 11 = 11/11/11
2-18/2009= 11/11
2-27/2009= 11/11
3-8-/2009= 11/11
3 x 11 = = 11/11/11/11
3-17/2009= 11/11
3-26/2009= 11/11
4-7/2009= 11/11
4 x 11 = 11/11/11/11 / 11
4-16/2009= 11/11
4-25/2009= 11/11
5/6/2009= 11/11
5 x 11 = 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11
5/15/2009= 11/11
5/24/2009= 11/11
6/5/2009= 11/11
6 x 11= 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11 /11
6/14/2009= 11/11
6/23/2009= 11/11
7/4/2009= 11/11
7 x 11= 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11 /11 /11
7/13/2009= 11/11
7/22/2009= 11/11
7/31/2009= 11/11
8/3/2009= 11/11
8 x 11= 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11 /11 /11/11
8/12/2009= 11/11
8/21/2009= 11/11
8/30/2009= 11/11
9/2/2009= 11/11
9/11/2009= 11/11
9 x 11= 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11 /11 /11/11 /11
9/20/2009= 11/11
9/29 (11) /2009 - 9 x 11
10/1/2009= 11/11
10 x 11 = 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11 /11 /11/11/11/11
10/19/2009= 11/11
10/28/2009= 11/11
11/09/2009= 11/11
11 x 11 = 11/11/11/11 / 11 / 11 /11 /11/11/11/11/11 = 12-11's

11/11/2009 is 11-11-11 - and, 11D will be anchored,

NOTE, we took this, as, it was given to us
(we might of missed a few, due to light encoding)
NOR, did we stop, to check this for its accuracy

- we believe, it to be correct, as it was given

We are working , with those,
who already reside,
in the 9D/33d and, 10D/34d- and, hope soon,
to learn the secrets of 11-11-11 /and, 11D/35d, and, 12d/36d, and, 13d (home)

truth is truth - it is the only thing, that is real - it eXists, as, iT iS

it also changes, with the assortment of choices, that are made

the woman, in florida, she does good work

pan, ended -- the 33 steps were done --
and, those who resided there, went home

yes indeed, you are correct,
that it was us, who first told you about the land of Pan
that is a truth
(many years ago)
it appears, the questioneer, has a good memory, and, a good mind

the 4th /5th/6th/7th/8th /9th/10th, are all happening now

the 11th is opening on 11-11-2009 (11-11-11)

In Pan, The Forever Grandfather KulCulKan,
who is a part of the 10D/34 collective soul family,
of this channel,
manifested as, The Trinity/or Trine of The Channel
who was known, at that time, as errydeault,
5997451332 - 48/12/3
- which completed its Trinity or Trine
and, that Grand Cycle, is complete

It was the high council of the elemental / elven aka fae /faere realm
and, they taught others, to walk up the 33 steps -
this is something,
that this inter-dimensional channel is currently writing about

the grandmother of this realm,
is currently incarnate, at this time
she is a woman, who is in her 80's
who held a high position, within the government, in Canada
and, is known, to the channel

there were many dna strands in the time of PAN
just as, there are many dna strands in the time of Gaia, NOW

it was much more ascended world, comparative,
to the current 3D-to-10D earth
(with inter-dimensional guides,
who come in from 10D.34d to 12D.36d, & from home)
home is subjective, as, what might be home,
for this channel - alcoyne / the grand central sun
might NOT be home, for those, who might come to view, this message,
there are many places - which, could be referred to as "home"...
also--you might wish to consider, these words...

where ever it is, that you are,
it is there, that you should create,
your heaven, and, for you,
it is all about creating...
your heaven, upon The Mother Earth...
at this time.

The Mother Earth,
currently is a host, to an assortment of inter-dimensional
and, multi-dimensional beings,
and, is manifesting as a society,
which is entering into a mature phase,
the old, that NO longer, serves you,
is falling away,
the new, that is coming in, to serve you
will come into eXistence,
for it is , a time for new eXchanges,
for it is, a time for new ways,
all of which, will be yours,
to co-create, and, to share,
one to the other

The beings in pan,
they were already 6D/7D/8D, and, 9D
and, did NOT live, as, you currently do

Anything that ever was, always, and, in all ways,
you always get to be

the memories, and, the teachings of PAN, or PAN-gaia
have always lived on, in the hearts,
of those, who were there...
and, through the higher minds, and, the higher hearts of those,
the initiates, who have been initiated by others who were there...
those taught by master teachers,
incarnate/and, discarnate,
their hearts/and, their minds, could NEVER erase,
the things, that they held near and dear, to their heart

these teachings, also found their way, to the heart of africia,
to Lemuria, and, also to Atlantis,
and, into Asia/and, South/Central/and, North America
and, also, to places, NOT of the earth plane.

yes, we see, a connection to mehb -
parts of its 144 (12 x 12) points of light
walk incarnate, within the framework, of fragments/souls

in celtic times / approx 2,000 years ago
- this in the country known today as the United Kingdom /UK /England -- icelini (sp?)
meave - mab - mehB, it all eXisted
indeed, it was a connection to the elemential kingdoms

indeed, PAN was an eXpression of this earth,
but, it was NOT one, that was destroyed
it is one, that is, what it is,
it ascended, NOT descended,
and, all, who were incarnate, at that time,
returned home / or, allowed
The Trinity / or The Trine - the higher self - essence, or monad
to choose, the next place, they would put in an appearance,
discarnate / or incarnate, both choices, were available,
to those souls, who stayed,
til the end of the Land of Pan / or Pan_Gaia
some did rise, although many did fall

The same, can NOT be said, for Atlantis,
however, at the times, of Lemuria,
most souls operated in ways,
that had than ascending, rather than descending.

Atlantis, was, the last great fall, of The Mother Earth/Gaia

In The Land of Pan,
the one known, as Errydeault
was the lead orator, for The High Council
and, it was NOT governed, NOR was it run, by one
it operated largely, on a collective consciousness,
which allowed it, and, those who roamed those realms,
to move up together, for they understood,
the-one-in-the-all, and, the-all-in-the-one,
and, there were orders/and, virtues,
that held things in place

The cross breeding (mentioned above, in other posts,
eXplains, in much greater depth, and, much more eloquently
what occurred)

On a side note,
the 12 paintings, that reside within the home of this channel,
that came through in 2003/2004 -
in the energetic year of 5/and, 6 = 11
they hold the imprints of 12 ancient ones -
that were cast to earth, with the channel,
in 1958, and, they connect to,
The Group of Thirty-Three (33)
and, the crystal wall, where
The Ancient Wall of Faces,
come in, to dialogue with us,
they can be seen, at

the mandalas, are seen to be road_maps,
the thirteenth one, eXpresses zero point to the other 12,
the ones from 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12,
are connected to dates mentioned above
from 1-1-1999 (1-1-1)
2-2-2000 (2/2/2)
3-3-2001 (3/3/3)
4-4-2002 (4/4/4)
and, so forth,
to 11-11-2009 (11/11/11)

albeit, the paintings, are currently,
being deciphered, and,
that is one of the assortment of purposes/missions/and,
tasks of the channel

Titania? the name, is broad,
no doubt, like the other one given,
it has been written about
- it too, connects to the land of england/UK/United Kingdom
and, to the elementials/elven/fay/faere realms
and, to your Trinity/or Trine.
there is rememberance there,
of all that is, and, all that might come back into being,
should you choose to will it to be, so, it will be,
and, so it is 333 333 315

Brightest blessings of energy, light and love
The Forever Grandfather / KuLCuLKan
The Future Grandmother / CulCulCan
& The Group of Thirty-Three (33)

through White Lotus Star
Susan aka The eXchanger

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