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Default Re: Are they up there?Now what??? HMMMMM...

Originally Posted by viking View Post
I say 'YES' ....

Tango, If you think in your wildest dreams that we can do this alone then thats fine... however...

Tell me...

How do we feed the 1 billion now straving and dieing each and every day? Which is controlled by the Evil elite...

How do we all get ourselves out of this financial mess.Contries in billions of debt? Which is controlled by the evil elite.

How do we stop all this killing each and every day thousands upon thousands of our brothers and sisters. Which is controlled by the evil elite.

You have to have something to tip humanity over??? To wake them up???

How do we do it Tango??

I'm with ya Viking, and great summary Waitinginthewings!

But, maybe when people can't text anymore or talk on their cell phones then they will pay attention a little better. So a little help would be appreciated, but that help may be in the form of letting the chips fall!

**** people are so off in another world... if we did get help then the elite would look like heroes trying to save us from an invasion, or we would not learn our lessons and go back to learning that not paying attention is ok because we will just get rescued again!

Back to the same dilemma... what to do?

Ride it out and pick up the pieces.
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