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Lightbulb Sky Calendar -- April 2009

Sky Calendar -- April 2009
2 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 2h UT (370,013 km; 32.3').

2 First Quarter Moon at 14:34 UT.

4 Moon near Beehive cluster (M44) at 8h UT (evening sky).

5 Moon near Regulus at 23h UT (evening sky).

7 Moon near Saturn at 2h UT (evening sky).

9 Full Moon at 14:55 UT. Called the Egg Moon because it is the full moon before Easter.
Full Moon Names (Wikipedia)

9 Moon near Spica at 22h UT ( evening sky).

13 Moon very near Antares at 13h UT (morning sky). Occultation visible from Hawaii.
Occultation of Antares (IOTA)

15 Mars 0.43 from Uranus at 9h UT (31 from Sun, morning sky). Mags +1.2 and +5.9.

16 Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) at 9h UT (distance 404,232 km; angular size 29.6').

17 Last Quarter Moon at 13:37 UT.

19 Moon near Jupiter at 15h UT (morning sky).

National Dark Sky Week, April 20-26. Switch off unnecessary outdoor lights.

National Dark Sky Week website (IOTA)
22 Lyrid meteor shower peaks at 11h UT. Active between April 16-25. Radiant is located between Hercules and Lyra. Expect between 10 to 20 bright, fast meteors per hour at its peak.

The Lyrids (Gary Kronk)

Meteor Shower Calendar 2009 (IMO)

22 Moon very near Venus at 13h UT (33 from Sun, morning sky). Occultation visible from North America (daytime) except for far South and East.

Occultation of Venus (IOTA)

24 Venus 4.1 NW of Mars at 16h UT (morning sky). Magnitudes -4.5 and +1.2.

25 New Moon at 3:22 UT. Start of lunation 1068.
Lunation Number (Wikipedia)

26 Mercury at greatest elongation, 20 east from Sun (evening sky) at 8h UT. Mag. +0.4, low in the WNW 30 minutes after sunset. The crescent Moon and Pleiades nearby.

26 Moon near the Pleiades at 22h UT (24 from Sun, evening sky).
Pleiades (star cluster) (Wikipedia)

28 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 6h UT (366,040 km; 32.6').

29 Venus brightest at 7h UT (evening sky). Mag. -4.5.

All times Universal Time (UT). USA Eastern Summer Time = UT - 4 hours.

Clear skies till next month!

Download the latest issue of The Evening Sky Map.
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