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Default Re: The Phoenix Journels

Originally Posted by viking View Post
Hi Paradigm...hope you are well

Ok what are your thoughts regarding 'the evacuation process' in the Phoenix Journels.

They mention how we would be evacuated if there was be a catastophic event ie a Nucleur War or major earth upheaveals. I would imagine Goerge (our George)would have been part of the messages at the time. However George has mentioned recently in his latest that 'No way would this happen'?!!

If he was part of the original messages from the Pleadians than surely he would support this?

Kind Regards viking
Hi Viking,

Sorry for the delay in replying - I have not seen this thread in a while! I am doing well; thanks for asking.

At this point my beliefs are more-or-less along the lines of this quote, from your last post:

"Those of us who are enlightened to Truth and are living the Laws of God and Creation will be evacuated to safety. We will go with our planet into fifth dimension (Heaven on Earth). Those who chose not to listen to Truth, but to wait for their "fake rapture" to occur, will be recycled back to another 3D dark planet through reincarnation. There, they will continue in their soul perfection at the various levels where they left off in this lifestream. Others will go to the caves to start over again, and others will go to the Void (Hell), where there is no Light."

This quote mentions 4 destinations, and I think all people will ultimately (after 2012) end up in one or the other of them. I'm not at all sure about the literal "evacuation" into ships, but in the end I don't think it will really matter so much - I think that 3D STO people will end up on the ascended earth somehow, even if they are killed in the upcoming chaos and reincarnate there later.
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