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My Pleasure ... Further reading ...

Esu’s real name was Esu Immanuel. Immanuel means "God with us". The name, "Jesus Christ", which means "the anointed one", which denotes deity was assigned to him years later by his enemies. Esu Immanuel has now been given a new name by the Heavenly Realms. This name is “Sananda”, which means "One with God". Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus) returned to Earth-Shan in 1954, and is now waiting for God Aton’s orders to announce the establishment of Creator God Aton’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Shan. Sananda travels the way all celestial beings travel, by starship. He is presently aboard the command ship, The Phoenix, awaiting his orders from Creator God Aton.

Other lies we have been told are that the life of Earth-Shan, our "Mother Earth", goes on indefinitely, and that mankind began life on this planet with Adam and Eve. The Truth of our human history on this planet goes back 206 million years. Earth-Shan, within the Milky Way Galaxy, completes one "great orbit" around the "Greatest Central Sun", the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, every 206 million years. Earth-Shan completed its twenty-second "great orbit" on August 17, 1987. At the beginning of our last "great orbit" (206 million years ago) humans were placed on Earth-Shan. Past civilizations have had an average length of 10,000 to 12,000 years; therefore, many civilizations have existed on our Earth prior to our present one. The Truth is that "Adam and Eve" date back only 10,000 to 12,000 years.

Earth humans were given one "great cycle" (206 million years) to learn and follow the Laws of God Aton and of Creation to achieve soul perfection, and thus to bring our civilization into total harmony and balance with the Laws of God Aton and Creation. This was never achieved because humans, with the exercising of their freewill, did not learn to properly choose between good and evil. They chose not to follow God Aton’s Laws and the Laws of Creation. In fact, Satan and his evil followers re-wrote those laws and deliberately twisted the Truth to trick everyone.

Earth Shan as a celestial body has now earned the cosmic right to move into a higher dimension. This process began at the end of the last "great orbit" or on August 17, 1987. Earth Shan is now going through a cleansing process of earth changes to remove all the human-caused pollution and negative energies residing upon her. Cosmic law states that no evil is allowed beyond fourth dimension. Because Earth-Shan now is moving into fifth dimension, all evil must be removed from her. At some point soon everyone must leave this planet!

This is precisely why our Pleiadian brothers and sisters have come at this time, and this is why Sananda has returned. They bring Truth. Those of us who are enlightened to Truth and are living the Laws of God and Creation will be evacuated to safety. We will go with our planet into fifth dimension (Heaven on Earth). Those who chose not to listen to Truth, but to wait for their "fake rapture" to occur, will be recycled back to another 3D dark planet through reincarnation. There, they will continue in their soul perfection at the various levels where they left off in this lifestream. Others will go to the caves to start over again, and others will go to the Void (Hell), where there is no Light. They will have many planets from which to choose for their next lessons, as there are more than 178 billion life-supporting planets within our Milky Way Galaxy alone.

As God Aton decreed, one more time Truth would go out to the fourwinds. One last time Truth would be brought to everyone on Earth Shan. This is now happening! Truth is now being given freely one more time to everyone on Earth Shan. Please consider that God Aton did not decree that you had to listen to Truth, read Truth or believe Truth. With your own freewill, you must choose. With your God Spirit within, you will know. This is now your opportunity to choose, for this is Truth being presented to you one last time. God Aton, the Hosts of Heaven and Space Command give no guarantee that you will be presented the Truth ever again in this lifestream, if you do not listen now. May you choose wisely.

We are fast approaching “the end of the age”, the end of our Earth’s last civilization in third dimension and the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment. Earth Shan, as a sentient being, has asked, and Creator God Aton has decreed that this present 3D civilization is the last one for our planet. She shall go through her normal cleansing via earth changes and be restored to her original pristine condition in the higher frequencies of fifth dimension, where no evil exists. [A discussion of coming earth changes and planetary evacuation can be found in Phoenix Journal #4, Chapters 8 and 9, and Phoenix Journal #5, Chapter 5 ].

This is Truth. Whether you choose to accept what is written here as Truth is your decision. I cannot convince you of anything. Only through your God Spirit within can you know Truth. If you sincerely seek Truth, God Aton has promised that you shall find it. Truth is freedom of the soul. Truth is total joy in being and knowing. I urge you to ponder this most carefully.

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